Funnel Analysis: Find where your visitors drop off

Track your website's conversion funnel to find the pages with the most drop-offs. Address these bottlenecks on your visitor's journey and watch the conversions increase.

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Understand the visitor journey

Are you losing a lot of potential customers on a particular page on your website? See where your visitors are dropping off the most. Identifying this key pain point is the first step in optimizing your website's conversions.

Understand visitor jouney with funnel analysis in Zoho PageSense.

Get step-wise reports

Find the conversion and drop-off rate for every step in your funnel, to understand more about your visitors' drop-off patterns. Learn when the drop-offs are at their peak and when they're at their lowest. 

Find drop-offs at any funnel step in Zoho PageSense

Segment funnel report

Slice and dice your report to find out how a specific section of your audience is moving down the website funnel. You can choose from any of our preset smart segments or even tailor an advanced one of your own.

Segment funnel analysis report in Zoho PageSense

Track custom events as steps

Have a form submission you want to track, but it doesn't have a confirmation landing page? Or maybe a dynamic layout change in your single page application? All you have to do is add the custom event code to your webpage and you're good to go.

Adding steps to funnel analysis experiment in Zoho PageSense

Setup in a snap

Just enter the URL of the pages you want to include as funnel steps. In under five minutes, you can launch the experiment and begin tracking your visitors' steps through your website.

Tracking dynamic event using custom funnel steps in Zoho PageSense

Track multiple pages as one

Want to check how many visitors added a product to their cart and moved to the checkout page? The possibilities are endless, but PageSense's URL targeting feature makes it simple. Choose a match type, enter a sample, and you're done!

Use pattern match to add multiple pages as a single funnel step in Zoho PageSense

Start tracking your website's conversion funnel

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