Uncover visitor drop-offs through Funnel Analysis

Identify at which step visitors fail to convert using PageSense's Funnel Analysis. Map your visitor journeys and get a visual graph of where they drop off.

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Key Features

  • Two-step setup
  • Audience segmentation
  • In-depth, pagewise reports
  • Map multiple pages at once

Why do you need funnel analysis?

Find webpage drop-offs

Get insights on where visitors churn the most, which segment brings in the highest number of conversions, the average time spent on a specific page, and more.

Analyze every visitor's journey

Visualize and measure paths in all ways that would lead a visitor to convert. For example, track how many visitors from your Instagram ad campaign completed a purchase or became registered users on your website.

Unified funnel tracking

Users are automatically tracked to the appropriate funnel step regardless of the domain or subdomain they visit to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted user journey, irrespective of the domain transitions.

What can you do with PageSense’s Funnel Analysis?

Detailed reports

Monitor pages with high bounce rates

Funnel analysis shows you where your visitors drop off but not the reason for it. With other built-in features in PageSense, you can get qualitative and quantitative insights to fix the bottlenecks and provide a better website experience.

Obtain detailed reports

View visitors, conversions, and drop-offs for every step in your funnel to understand more about visitor drop-off patterns. Learn when the drop-offs are at their peak and when they’re at their lowest.

Obtain detailed reports Obtain detailed reports Obtain detailed reports
Detailed reports Detailed reports Detailed reports

Track URLs with ease

Use advanced URL targeting to track a specific group of web pages. Add the page URLs based on the visitor path through your website and launch your funnel analysis to track relevant metrics.

Leverage smart audience segmentation

Slice and dice your report to find out how a specific section of your audience is moving down the website funnel. Choose from any of our preset smart segments or even tailor an advanced one of your own.

Leverage smart audience segmentation Leverage smart audience segmentation Leverage smart audience segmentation