Creating and publishing a heatmap experiment

How do I create and publish a new heatmap experiment?

When you publish a heatmap experiment, you will automatically be able to view the clickmap and scrollmap of the same webpage within the experiment. You can learn more about this in the understanding heatmap reports section.

Step 1: Installing the code snippet

  1. Go to the Snippet page by clicking the Snippet icon in the left pane of the experiment listing page
  2. Copy the code snippet and paste it into the webpages you want to experiment on. The snippet must be pasted at the start of the <head> tag of the webpage’s HTML code.

NOTE: Once the code is installed on your webpage, it does not require modifications every time to run various experiments. Multiple experiments of Split URL test and A/B test can be performed with the same code snippet installed in the webpage, for all experiments on the project level.

Step 2: Creating a heatmap

  1. Click +New Experiment on the experiment listing page and choose Heatmap. 
  2. Fill in the name of the test and click Create.
  3. Enter the URL of the webpage you want to track. 

Step 3: Publish!

Click Publish in the top-right corner.

PageSense will begin tracking the provided URL so that you can understand how your visitors interact with the webpage.If you wish to stop tracking metrics, click the Pause button. Click Relaunch to run the experiment again.

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