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Understanding visitor behavior is easy with PageSense

Heatmap: Find Activity Hotspots

Zoho PageSense helps you see how visitors interact with your website. Learn what grabs their attention and what distracts them, and get a look at complete visitor engagement details.

Zoho PageSense Heatmap

Clickmap: Every Click Counts

Get visitors' click patterns in real time, and find out which page elements get the most clicks. Are the results what you expected? ​

Zoho PageSense Heatmap and clickmap

Scrollmap: How Low Do Your Visitors Go?

Your visitors might be missing key content or a primary CTA because they aren't reaching that part of the page. Use scrollmap to see how far down the page your visitors scroll and where they spend the most time.

Zoho PageSense Scrollmap

Flexible Report Segmentation

Filter reports to view the behaviors of a specific set of visitors using our predefined segments, or create your own custom filter.

Zoho PageSense Heatmap report segmentation

Cross-platform Tracking

Cover your bases. You can check your website's performance across mobile, tablet, and desktop environments from a single window.

Zoho PageSense Heatmap on tablet report

Find out how your visitors interact with you website

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