Collect visitor feedback with online polls

Learn what makes for a better user experience directly from your website visitors. With PageSense's Polls, you can easily gather feedback and convert it to actionable insight.


Create a poll for every occasion

Ratings, feedback, or lead gen—with our 10 customizable question types and drag-and-drop interface, you can create a website poll that matches your need within minutes.

Choose between question types in PageSense polls

Launch trigger-based polls

Easily trigger the poll only when a specific condition is met—contribute to a more intuitive experience for your website visitor and increase the chance of successful submissions.

Triggering the website poll in PageSense

Net promoter score question

Quantify visitor feedback using NPS, smiley rating, and star rating question types to make informed marketing decisions. 

Net promoter score (NPS) question in a PageSense poll

Customize the widget design

Tailor the poll to match your website design. Create a seamless and un-intrusive experience that motivates your visitor to share their feedback.

Customize your PageSense poll widget

Run device-intuitive polls

Craft hassle-free responsive polls for your visitors who land on your website across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Run PageSense polls on mobile, tablet, and mobile devices

Visualize feedback for quick analysis

View the response of every visitor who fills out the poll. With our wordclouds and charts, easily see a compilation of all the responses instead of combing through thousands of indvidual answers.

Analyze PageSense poll responses using wordclouds

Stop guessing—start asking your visitors what they want.