Urban Element uses Zoho PageSense to increase their client's conversion rates by 35+%

About Urban Element

Urban Element (UE) is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Oxfordshire. UE has been helping businesses achieve their digital ambitions for over 17 years by offering exceptional SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and web design services.

Urban Element and Zoho PageSense

Urban Element uses Zoho PageSense to help clients personalize and optimize their website/landing page experiences and boost overall conversions. Using PageSense, UE monitors the landing pages of their clients, get a granular view of how different campaigns perform, improve site design and interface based on hypothesis derived from the observations, and strategically plan further improvements.


As a digital marketing agency, UE manages marketing campaigns for various clients. Although they were monitoring how landing pages of each client performed during paid campaigns, they needed a CRO process to get a comprehensive view of their visitors' online behavior and provide bespoke website experiences that translated into conversions.


After trying out various conversion optimization products, UE picked PageSense for its simplicity and well-connected features. UE extensively uses PageSense's heatmaps, A/B and split URL testing features for their clients. The metrics they primarily focus on are the number of visits/visitors during a custom date range, the most clicked areas/elements of their pages, % of engaged visitors, segments of the page most visited, the average time spent on page segments. With these insights, they have been able to reduce campaign bounce rates, increase the average session duration on-page, and provide clear CTAs to improve conversions.

We had a little tête-à-tête with Luke, Senior Social Media Manager at Urban Element, and here's what he had to say:

1. You have used a variety of conversion optimization tools like Mixpanel, Hotjar, and Optimizely. Which are the areas you think PageSense is better than the rest?

Luke: Easy one! It's got to be PageSense's super-intuitive user interface and experience, it's very easy to install, set up, and optimize. The layout is simple, effective and perfectly optimized so that you can set up, track, and monitor the metrics that matter the most.

2. Could you give us an example of how PageSense has helped you improve your PPC and paid social media campaigns?

Luke: PageSense has significantly improved our understanding of user behavior when driving traffic from a paid social media or Google Ads campaign to a landing page. We've been able to quickly personalize landing pages, adapt call to actions, and efficiently improve conversion rates.

We've also utilized the A/B testing feature when carrying out multi-pronged campaigns that target more than one audience. It has allowed us to quickly and simply adapt our clients' landing pages to fit the bespoke needs of their audience.

We are currently using PageSense for a Dental Practice client to analyze their social traffic and optimize their landing pages (the campaigns involves Facebook, Instagram and Google ads), and we are already seeing great results in just 2 weeks of running the campaigns.

Google Ads:

MetricsWeek 1Week 2 (Improvement after using PageSense)
Clicks on ad450660 (+210)
Impressions5,2037,810 (+2607)
Click-through rate8.32%8.65%
Call extension clicks (Primary goal on the landing page)180282 (+102)

Facebook/Instagram results so far:

MetricsWeek 1Week 2 (Improvement after using PageSense)
Landing page views8341,194 (+360)
Link clicks9941,431 (+437)
Unique visitors30, 92041, 840 (+10,920)
Impressions70,5621,04,948 (+34,386)

We used PageSense insights for another Facebook and Instagram campaign. The campaign gained our client the following results over 30 days with a total ad spend of £1000

Website visits: 12,343
Reach, 507,334 people
Impressions: 1.7 million
Low cost per click of 8p
Conversions: Increased from 20 to 63 (worth up to £200,000)
Spend/Conversion works out at roughly £16 per conversion

*worth noting* I often utilize PageSense's password-protected shareable link so that my clients get to see the results and traffic behavior whenever they want.

3. Will it be possible to tell us how PageSense paved way for these improvements? Did you arrive at a specific hypothesis after reading your client's social traffic behavior?

Luke: Our Zoho PageSense heat map findings played a significant role in helping us discover, monitor and develop upon the behavioral trait commonalities obtained by our advertising campaigns. One key observation made during this particular campaign was that 'price' was a primary consideration for many individuals interested in the service advertised. This discovery essentially helped us discover, identify and recognize this need, allowing us to make the necessary landing page changes required. With the changes now made to include better pricing information, we are confident that visitors will stay longer, engage with page more and enquire during the next phase of our campaign.

4. What changes did you make based on the insights you gleaned from PageSense that helped increase conversions (from 20 to 63?)?

Luke: The campaign landing page was designed by us before the initial campaign launched so research in this instance was carried out externally away from Zoho PageSense. What the heatmap did do is provide us with an accurate analysis of how many users engaged with the page, highlighting areas of high and low engagement, and time on page. This helped us verify and confirm what worked and what could be improved further on our landing page for next time.

5. Could you tell us by what percentage your conversion rate has gone up, bounce rate has dropped, and avg. session has increased after using PageSense?

Luke: Unable to give an exact answer to this as would have to round up a lot of campaigns. However, I would be confident in saying that it has increased our clients' conversion rates by at least 35+% on average, reduced the bounce rates by an average 15-30%, and increased session duration by 30-90 seconds.

Natasha Ellard, Managing Director & Co-Owner, Urban Element
"Zoho PageSense is used in our agency to measure key website metrics, monitor analytics and understand visitors' online behaviour to help provide our clients with a personalised and optimised website experience; thus, it helps us to boost conversions. This service has played an integral part in helping to improve our paid social media marketing and pay per click (PPC) campaigns."

About Natasha

Natasha is the Managing Director and Co-Owner of Urban Element. Her role includes overseeing the development of new websites and supporting businesses to get the most out of their online presence through innovative social media marketing, pay per click advertising and SEO.