What PageSense offers that VWO doesn't?

Brands that chose PageSense

  • book
  • yelp
  • epb
  • sage
  • yelp
  • race
  • art
  • gerber

Functionality-rich features for Sophisticated testing

PageSense comes with an exhaustive feature list, is unbelievably easy to use, and gets the job done. We help make your testing experience comprehensive, yet smooth and flexible.

  • Dynamic heatmaps
  • Customizable targeting
  • SPA support
  • Code editor
  • Segmentation

Dynamic heatmaps

See how visitors are interacting with static and dynamic elements on both your original and any variations within the test reports.

Customizable targeting

Run tests on the most niche audience types with our customizable targeting options such as JS variable, query parameter, and location.

#Load multiple pages in One URL

SPA support

With our out-of-box SPA support, run A/B tests on applications that work on hash and history API-based URLs without any manual code configurations.

Powerful code editor

Go beyond the traditional WYSIWYG editing capabilities with our pure JS and CSS editor. Take complete control of the most fundamental aspects of website manipulation at the global and variation level.

Detailed segmentation

Drill down to the granular level of your A/B test reports to uncover audience-specific insights. Use these to make data-backed strides towards creating tailored user experiences for your visitors that boost conversions.

Heatmap comparison of countries
888 people
777 people
607 people
338 people
258 people
177 people

We have tried Crazy Egg, Hotjar, and VWO, but Zoho PageSense is really user-friendly and just does exactly what we need at this stage. It helps us take well-informed, user-driven data decisions in re-structuring the website and improving conversion rates.

Abbas Tharkar