Creating a more engaged workforce

Just hiring great employees is not enough any more. Leaders and managers have to take responsibility for engaging and motivating employees—at all times! 

Are you looking for better ways to create an engaged workforce? 

Host effective leadership AMA or Ask Me Anything sessions on Zoho Connect

This is a great way to communicate what your company stands for and discuss business plans. You can also use this as a platform to solicit employee feedback or ideas for business improvement and improve employee engagement. 

Strengthen employee-manager relationships

As managers, schedule regular check-ins with your direct reports to assess their well-being. Hold performance-related discussions to ensure they stay engaged with their work. You can also use Zoho Survey to assess employee engagement and take corrective measures. 

Improve employee engagement through training

Use Zoho ShowTime to create online training courses for your employees which are relevant to their roles and career goals. Have teams share key insights and best practices with each other. 

Watch the video to learn more.