3 useful tips for saving more time at work

Tip 1: Help pages

Each Zoho app has a huge amount of help and API documentation available, and with Zia Search, you can find relevant help documents easily. 

The Zia Search interface compiles the help documents of all Zoho products, so you don't have to spend time looking for them yourself. 

Want to learn more about Zia, analytics, or custom functions? Just type your question into the Zia Search box and the search assistant will show you the most relevant help documents. 

Tip 2:Bulk scheduler

With Zoho Social, you can easily manage all your social media accounts from one place. It saves you from opening multiple tabs, and having to log on and off of your social media accounts. 

Zoho Social also determines the times when your subscribers are most active, so that you can post accordingly and boost your organic reach. 

And want to know what's even better? 

If you've planned out your posts on a spreadsheet, you can use the Bulk Scheduler to schedule them all in one go—up to 350 posts at a time!

Tip 3: Password manager 

Struggling to remember your business passwords?

Use Zoho Vault to create, store, and share passwords securely with your colleagues or multiple teams across your company. 

Use the auto-login and password auto-fill features to save yourself from retyping information/credentials and minimize input errors. 

And don't worry, Zoho Vault has advanced security features to ensure your business passwords stay secure.

Watch the video to learn more.