Create a more impactful business website

Websites are important. Your website is where all your prospects come to buy from you or learn more about your business.

But just setting up a business website is not enough. You have to tweak it to make it perform better and help you reach your business goals.

We are now living in a mobile-first world, so make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Keep enhancing your website content. The writing assistant in Zoho Writer can help you with spelling and grammar to improve your content writing.

Use the inverted pyramid approach to writing. Place your most important and valuable information first.

Write long-form blog content. Grow your mailing list by setting up signup forms on your blog. Zoho Campaigns has many templates that you can choose from.

Configure SalesIQ to chat with your website visitors in real-time. Convert the high-intent visitors to leads or contacts in Zoho CRM.

Use Zoho PageSense to view your visitors' session recordings. This is a great way to identify and overcome conversion bottlenecks.

Create polls. Make your website visitors and customers evaluate your products or services and website content. Use their feedback to improve your offerings and website content.

Watch the video to learn more.