What is Office Management Software?

Office management software is the set of cloud software tools that help in the day-to-day and auxiliary operations of your office. From document storage to employee management, your office can function smoothly with minimal paperwork.


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Zoho One: End-to-end office assistant software

Zoho One is more than just a suite of office management apps offering a unified user interface. It is, in fact, an integrated operating system for business, that not just manages your office processes, but also provides a unified platform for all your operations, activities, and employees. This unified platform facilitates effective collaboration, extends customization capabilities, and provides your office with a smart and efficient way to work.

Zoho One comprises the following tools:

  • Collaboration and chat tools (communication tools)
  • Online conferencing and meeting software
  • Project management software
  • Accounting tools
  • Document and data management & storage
  • HR management software
  • IT management software
  • Productivity software
  • Operations software
  • Sales & marketing software
  • Support software

Online conference and meeting software

Online conference software can help teams connect quickly, remotely, and effectively. Schedule online meetings and virtual catch-ups within the team, company, and beyond.

Project management tools

As an office manager, project management comprises tasks that need to be assigned and deliverables that need to be tracked. Keep your teams in the loop and stay abreast of office projects and happenings.

Data management and documentation tools

Data management includes a database of all company metrics and associated people, including customers. Documentation involves all the paperwork and official docs that your employees create.

Finance management tools

Finance management refers to accounts and bookkeeping tools that can help you allot, review, track, and plan your finances and taxes. It is vital to the functioning of every office across departments.

Work schedule, people management, and employee time tracker tools

Work scheduling is the distribution of work items amongst different departments and people. It involves planning timelines and steps of action. People management is an HR and admin function wherein employee info, performance, and track records are handled. Time tracker tools help employees and the company manage shifts, attendance, clocked time, and leaves.

Expense and travel management software

Expense management comprises keeping an accurate track of all office and travel expenses.

Expense and travel management tools included in Zoho One

Employee recruiting and onboarding tools

Employee recruiting is the process of filtering through candidates, marking various rounds of interviews, and selecting new employees. Onboarding is the process of training and familiarizing newly recruited employees with the company culture and processes.

Appointment scheduling and event management tools

Event management entails the successful planning and execution of office events and conferences, both physical and online. Appointment scheduling can help customers book their slots and keep users informed on the go.

How I can scale my office management system using Zoho One

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How I can scale my office management system using Zoho One

Why do you need an office management system?

Office management systems have the capability to run offices end-to-end using advanced cloud software that can take care of document management, back-office operations, HR, sales, collaboration, meeting, productivity, and remote working tools. This type of software setup can enable your office and your employees to operate and collaborate easily.

Top 6 office software benefits:

  • Compartmentalize and empower your various office departments
  • Move to a paperless, digital documentation mode
  • Foster a culture of belongingness and collaboration
  • Monitor and ensure tasks are completed on time
  • Have a high-level understanding of office happenings
  • Set up productivity and self-service tools for employees

6 major functions of office management tools

Office application software can help carry out major office management functions like planning, organizing, communicating, guiding, directing, and staffing.

  • Plan your activities with a dedicated calendar, allow for appointment bookings, schedule meetings, etc.
  • Organize important programs, processes, structure employees and departments, and host events and webinars.
  • Communicate internally with integrated chat, email, and social forums.
  • Guide the course of your company through insights and analytics dashboards that are readily accessible.
  • Direct workflows and manage systems internally. Use readily available integrations and build apps for specific functionalities.
  • Recruit employees and onboard them through courses and portals.


Meeting the varied requirements of an office management solution is no easy feat. Zoho One attempts to solve these exact needs and more, through its operating system for business. Its diverse range of 45+ business apps can take on everything from back-office, customer support, and everything in between.