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Managing a business can be a tough job. An increase in business can mean a more significant profit, but it also means a massive workload. Administration can take up a lot of your time, which could otherwise be fruitfully used to improve your product or service. Zoho understands your needs, and so we've come up with an all new business suite: Zoho One.

With Zoho One, you gain a suite of applications built to suit your every business need. Recruitment, launching your website, marketing your product, catering to customer's needs—everything is taken care of by Zoho One.

Benefits of using Zoho One

  • A complete suite of pre-integrated business applications at an affordable cost
  • From hiring to marketing, a product for your every need
  • Your very own professional email address for every employee and the ability to personalise your inbox to suit your requirement
  • Easily communicate and collaborate with the members of your org
  • Convert your leads to customers by continually engaging them
  • Plan and strategies your email campaigns and social media posts
  • Never make a mistake with payroll again. You have an application exclusively designed for that
  • Take care of all your customer payments through an easy-to-use portal
  • Create project portals and efficiently prioritise all tasks at hand

Zoho One Admin Panel

The best aspect of Zoho One is that as your org Administrator you get to manage the entire suite through a centralized management system within your Zoho One Admin Panel.

No more juggling multiple credentials to different accounts to manage your org privacy; you get to do your entire administration at a single place.

With the Zoho One Admin Panel, you can:

  • Manage all administration-related work in a single portal
  • Improve productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Easily assign roles to your employees
  • Restrict role-based access for each user
  • Create and manage groups for every business need
  • Add or remove admins for your org/service
  • Enforce org-level security policies

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