Wedding studio in Chennai aims high after automating most of its workflows using Zoho One

About Studio31

The Wedding services industry in India is a recession-proof US $ 50 billion + revenue generating sector that is still largely unorganized. With India's demographic dividend making it among the world's youngest nations, the sector has become a beehive of activities with several start-ups trying to disrupt the status quo. 

Studio 31 has at its core a well-thought out customer service mantra to win the hearts of upwardly mobile young Indians today spare no expense to make their wedding memorable.


How Zoho One helped

"Zoho One as a concept has fulfilled the dream of Studio 31 becoming a full-fledged technology-enabled wedding photograph and film company," according to Studio 31 founder Pranesh Padmanabhan. "Prior to Zoho One, we'd experimented various products for more than a year and were skeptical about investing in each one of them, as we are a bootstrapped company." 


Having been a Zoho CRM user since 2013, the company started evaluating the Zoho One platform closely. It was finalized and the solution was deployed in October 2017.

"It has given us the confidence that we can sustain in this highly competitive and unorganized industry without worrying about manual administration and fearing about human errors. "It is a sensitive industry and any error could cause a client potentially not being able to preserve an important life memory."

"Now that we've a SAAS product running our business, we've got brilliant ideas and we've got the platform and time to take high level strategic decisions to grow bigger, better and truly be one of the most organized businesses in this sector."