European health firm empowers patients using Zoho One platform

About Medify

Medify is a healthcare service provider in the Netherlands that wants to empower hospital patients with medical information about their treatment using 3D visualizations of the body and procedures while helping collect critical data for the healthcare provider to use. 

Key problem addressed

By automating multiple workflows, Medify used Zoho One as a platform to optimize their resources while simultaneously  ensuring every facet of their business runs smoothly..

Key Apps used from Zoho One

Mail, Vault, CRM, Desk, Projects, People, Analytics, Books, Inventory, Expense, Sign, Cliq, Connect, Meeting

How Zoho One helped

Zoho One is at the core of all of our business processes, ranging from Mail, CRM, support ticketing, project management, financial accounting, internal & external chat, online (video) conferencing, online technical assistance, and digital signing," says Rene Louis, CEO and long-time Zoho user.

Zoho professionalized our business hugely over time. Since all the tools are integrated within Zoho One, we can run a smooth business while maintaining a minimal workforce. Without Zoho One, we would definitely need more people to keep track of potential customers while keeping our client base happy.