ChannelSight Delivers Leading Customer Experience with Zoho One.

Executive Summary

Founded in 2013, ChannelSight is on a mission to transform the online shopping experience by making any brand website, content or ad instantly shoppable. ChannelSight’s Where to Buy solution makes it simpler and faster for people to buy the products they’re interested in, while showing brands and publishers what content and ads are working most effectively to drive sales across all digital channels. ChannelSight works with over 130 brands across 60 countries, including Unilever, Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, and many more.

“As we grow and scale, Zoho is with us every step of the way, allowing us to continually evolve.”

Niall O’GormanChief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder, ChannelSight


Before turning to Zoho, ChannelSight struggled with tracking its massive volume of customer data. It needed a single place where all customer-related data could be better tracked for more effective communication and to offer superior service across all areas of the business. Along with cost efficiency, ChannelSight needed a feature-rich solution that would enable it to scale quickly. Zoho offered just that. ChannelSight considered multiple vendors in its selection process, but it ultimately selected Zoho for two main reasons: The solution was the most cost effective and the Zoho team was the most responsive.

Continually Evolving to Stay One Step Ahead

ChannelSight first implemented Zoho CRM in 2013 and soon after expanded its deployment, adding the Zoho Desk support desk solution and the Zoho Books accounting solution. But it didn’t stop there. Today, ChannelSight utilizes almost all of Zoho’s 40-plus applications, with all 70 employees using some part of Zoho’s offering.

In 2017, to keep up with the pace of change and take advantage of the latest technology Zoho had to offer, ChannelSight made the switch to Zoho One, Zoho’s most recent software release.

With Zoho One, applications are now much easier to set up and use. It’s also a snap to connect and integrate those applications with other modules and third party solutions—without requiring constant IT administrative maintenance. In a short period of time, Zoho One became instrumental in helping ChannelSight sell more products and track which activity is working best for the team.

With Zoho solutions such as Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Cliq and Zoho Finance Suite, all plugged into Zoho CRM, the company can link all activities back to individual records. Predictive analytics provided by the Zoho CRM database enables ChannelSight to score each prospect and predict their lifetime value. This allows ChannelSight to analyze deals and pose questions such as, “If a deal closes today for $50K, what will it be worth in five years?”

The Results

Zoho One has helped ChannelSight drastically reduce manual tasks thanks to the introduction of AI, which allows the company to arrive at results faster and save time as an organization. Previously, for example, it was difficult to access all customer information in one place. Pulling the information together used to take hours, but with the help of AI it now takes second. Additionally, ChannelSight is more confident in the quality of data at hand.

With Zoho One, ChannelSight has also been able to improve its forecasting of industry trends and organizational growth. The company leverages Zoho CRM to dynamically access real-time data on its operation, including the expected impact of resources from sales to support. Real-time information allows ChannelSight to make changes according to the data and respond swiftly at the first sign of trouble.

The company has also realized improvements in productivity by connecting different teams across the organization through Zoho One. All employees are privy to the information required for their job function and data is shared across departments to ensure the overall operation is running smoothly. For instance, the account management team has one view of all data related to a particular customer. With just one click, the team can view open support tickets, invoices, sales orders, project implementation information and email engagement activity.

Future Plans

Looking to the future, ChannelSight is determined to remain at the forefront of innovation and is relying on Zoho for the technology it needs to lead and succeed. In particular, the recent addition of AI to the Zoho product suite is having a positive impact on ChannelSight’s day to day sales activities. For example, the insights and knowledge generated by AI is allowing the sales team to automate key processes in an effort to close deals quicker.

“We like working with the Zoho platform and team. The Zoho team is quick to come back with updates, and it’s a very collaborative working relationship. When needed, we have access to even the most senior people right away. To do that consistently and with grace over a long period of time is a testament to the culture and management of the organization.”