Co-edit Document

Zoho Office Integrator supports real-time document collaboration. This means several users can open a particular document at the same time, with everyone being able to contribute to the document in real time.

With built-in collaboration features, businesses can enhance user productivity, foster teamwork, and cooperation. When a document is shared with others, teams can work together in the same instance - so when someone makes a change, the document is updated for everyone to see. Also, the integrated Zoho Chat application allows each user to communicate in real time and see who else is available. 


To co-edit or collaborate on a document in Zoho Writer in real-time.

HTTP Request URL


Request Parameters

Mandatory Parameter
apikey423s*****Uniquely identifies the web application in which the Writer editor is integrated.




Method of providing the input file depending on its location.

document - if the input file is from your local drive or desktop.

url - if the input file is from a publicly accessible Web URL.

 "save_url":<Your Save URL>,
 "http_method_type": "post",
 "retries": <Integer>,
 "timeout": <Integer>,
 "save_url_params": {

Using this param, you will be able to specify the following;

save_format -> Specify the output format in which the edited document needs to be saved.

save_url -> Provide your server location to which the latest content needs to be pushed back when the 'Save' is performed.

The below key values are optional;

http_method_type -> Specify the http method in which the save request has to be triggered.

retries -> Specify the number of retries required when the 'Save' fails.

timeout -> Specify the timeout for the given saveurl.

save_url_params -> To customize the output parameters in which the document details will be pushed from our end.


Optional Parameters - Editor Customization
 "track_changes": "disabled",
Set document defaults to enable/disable track changes.
Set Editor preferences like Unit in inch/mm, interface language and view as pageview/webview for new documents.
Define document permissions for the users. 
Set a unique id and specify display name of the new document.
Identify the user in the document with "user_id" and "display_name".
Specify whether the "Save button", "Chat panel", "File menu" and the "Dark mode" option needs to be shown or hidden.


Editor customization parameters and their values are case-sensitive.

Editor Customization Parameters


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault Value
track_changesbooleanenabled / disableddisabled


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault Value
unitstringin/mmin (inch)
languagestringen / de / es / fr / ja / nl more...en
viewstringwebview / pageviewpageview 
("view" param is applicable to new documents only)


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault ValueDescription
document.export   booleantrue / falsetrueTo enable or disable document download option
document.printbooleantrue / falsetrueTo enable or disable document print option
document.editbooleantrue / falsefalseProvide option to allow edit access to the document
review.commentbooleantrue / falsefalseProvide option to manage comments
review.changes.resolvebooleantrue / falsefalseProvide option to resolve track changes
collab.chatbooleantrue / falsetrueTo enable or disable chat panel for the collaborators
document.pausecollaborationbooleantrue / falsefalseProvide option to manage collaboration
document.fillbooleantrue / falsetrueProvide option to allow edit access for the fillable fields


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault Value
Mandatory Keys
save_formatstringzdoc / doc / docx / odt / html / pdf and more ...zdoc
save_urlstringURL - Maximum length -> 65535URL
Optional Keys
  • Maximum key count - 10
  • Allowed characters for <additional_user_key> - Alphabets, Numbers, Hyphen, Underscore and Dot. Maximum Length - 100 characters
  • Maximum length of <value> - 1000 characters
http_method_typestringpost / putpost
retriesinteger0 to 30
timeoutinteger1 to 120000 milliseconds120000


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault Value


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault Value


ParameterTypePossible ValuesDefault Value

Co-edit Document - Error Codes

1831Error occurred. Parameter value is either incorrect or invalid.
1852File format you're trying to import is not supported.
1868Invalid parameter name for uploaded content.

For a full list of error handling cases in Co-edit Document, refer here.


To open a document in Co-view or collab view mode, please set 'document.edit:false' in "permissions" parameter section.

save_url usage:

Zoho Office Integrator allows partners and businesses to save the document content back to their specified storage server through "save_url" method.

A save_url is a publicly accessible web URL/Service to which Zoho will push the updated document content from Writer editor to the partner's server.

In order to use the save_url method, partners should fulfill the below requirements:

  1. Partner's remote servers need to expose one of their ports - port 443 (https) or port 80 (http) - from their location, for Zoho Writer to push the data back.
  2. The save_url value specified in the HTTPS/HTTP POST request should be a proper domain name and publicly accessible over the web. Example:

save_url_params usage:

By default, when the 'Save' is performed, we will be pushing back the information with the following key names:

Key NameTypeDescription
contentFileDocument content will be pushed back in the form of bytes.
filenameStringDocument name
formatStringSpecifies the format in which the document has been exported. 

If you wish to customize the above key names that you need to send back during save call, you can make use of the 'save_url_params' key inside 'callback_settings' parameter.

Once the 'save_url_params' key is configured, only the key values defined inside will be pushed back to your server. The default key names (like filename and format) will not be included. To include them, you need to define your own keys for format and filename by using the system variable $format and $filename respectively.

If the 'save_url_params' is passed as an empty JSON or the system variable $content is not configured, the document bytes will be pushed back with the multipart name 'content' by default.


"save_url_params": {
      <custom_content_key>: $content,
      <custom_format_key>: $format,
      <custom_filename_key>: $filename,
      <additional_user_key>: <value>,
      <additional_user_key>: <value>,
      <additional_user_key>: <value>


"save_url_params": {
      file: $content,
      extension: $format,
      document_name: $filename,
      <additional_user_key>: <value>,
      <additional_user_key>: <value>

In the above example, the document bytes will be pushed back in the multipart name 'file', document format in the key name 'extension' and document filename in the key name 'document_name'. 

Sample Request

				curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'content-type: multipart/form-data; boundary=----WebKitFormBoundary7MA4YWxkTrZu0gW' \
  -F apikey=423s***** \
  -F  document=@/Users/username/Documents/Sample.docx \
  -F 'editor_settings={'\''unit'\'':'\''in'\'','\''language'\'':'\''en'\'','\''view'\'':'\''webview'\''}' \
  -F 'permissions={'\''document.export'\'':true,'\''document.print'\'':true,'\''document.edit'\'':true,'\''review.changes.resolve'\'':false,'\''review.comment'\'':true,'\'''\'':true,'\''document.pausecollaboration'\'':false,'\''document.fill'\'':true }' \
  -F 'callback_settings={'\''save_format'\'':'\''zdoc'\'','\''save_url'\'':'\'''\''}' \
  -F 'document_info={'\''document_name'\'':'\''New'\'', '\''document_id'\'':1349}' \
  -F 'user_info={'\''user_id'\'':'\''1973'\'','\''display_name'\'':'\''Ken'\''}' \		
  -F 'ui_options={"save_button":"show","chat_panel":"show","dark_mode":"hide","file_menu":"show"}'			

Sample Response

"document_url": "",
"document_id": "1349", 
"save_url": "", 
"session_id": "axxrd26aa7b8029bf4f8d34c7dd0013939234a6e15dac88646f02a69582375b8da130efffac249d086aae4667dcbac9p", 
"session_delete_url": "", 
"document_delete_url": "",