Meeting New Requirements to Bring a Revolutionary Product to Market. is a technology firm based in Washington, DC. Their Transaction Network enables business-to-business transactions to be conducted between two parties, and automates the entire contracting process internally and externally.

The Network also streamlines other forms of content delivery and receipt as well. This includes drafting, sending, receiving, redlining, digital signing, reporting and also serves as a contract repository.

"Our PM team worked tirelessly creating new requirements to bring a revolutionary product to market. We were in need of a world-class fully featured web-based document editor with unparalleled API capabilities."

e-Agree engineers started looking for a web-based document editor with all the functionality of MS-Word, but with a flexible business partner. Zoho Writer rose to the top of the list… above Google, MS-Word, Office365, OnlyOffice, and others.

"With Zoho Office Integrator and support team, we’ve found a web-based document editor integration solution that provides the best customer experience for our contract management platform users. Zoho Writer and its API functionality exceeded Google Docs in functionality, API flexibility, and has allowed us to accomplish our mission quickly and economically."

Zoho Writer provided a flexible API allowing for continued feature development not supported by other document editors. Zoho’s robust javascript API allowed e-Agree engineers and product managers to best address our customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.

"We continue to be impressed with the support of the Zoho Office Integrator team! Our customers are very happy. Keep it up team!"

Today, thousands of users leverage e-Agree’s Contract Management Platform to streamline and automate their business operation powered by Zoho Writer.

-Eric Pellish,