Comparing Zoho Office Integrator and Microsoft WOPI

Companies often have difficult decisions to make when building web applications that provide document management capabilities for their users. For example, what's the best solution to integrate with online office editors—Zoho Office Integrator or Microsoft WOPI?

While MS WOPI does the job well, it's also expensive and difficult to implement. Zoho Office Integrator ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting the content editing needs of your business, without all the complications. Zoho Office Integrator is not just an alternative to MS WOPI, but an all-inclusive solution that offers wide-ranging document editing capabilities with flexible customization features.

Zoho Officeplatform Comparision

Here's a comparison list to help businesses like yours make informed decisions:

  • Features
  • Zoho Office Integrator
  • Solution
  • Embed editors in iframes. PostMessage APIs help communicate between web app host page and iframe.
  • Opens editor only in a browser tab or window. No embedding allowed.
  • Customizations
  • Customize editor preferences and document defaults with advanced parameters.
  • Doesn't allow for customization of editor features.
  • Limitations
  • Complete feature parity in all online office editors—Writer, Sheet, and Show.
  • Word Online lacks many of the features of the desktop app, and some features work differently in the two.
  • Extend API functionality
  • Compare two files. Convert files from one format to another.
  • No such functionality.
  • File Limits
  • Word - 10 MB
    Excel - 10 MB
    PowerPoint - 100 MB
    Word - 1 million characters
  • Word - 5 MB
    Excel - 5 MB
    PowerPoint - 300 MB
    Word - 100 million characters
  • Storage Format
  • Stores all popular document formats - MS Office/Open Office/HTML/txt
  • Stores only in MS Office formats.
  • Supported Formats
  • docx, doc, pptx, ppt, xlsx, xls, html, txt, ods, odt, odp
  • docx, doc, pptx, ppt, xlsx, xls
  • License Model
  • For web editing, users don't need to have a Zoho account.
  • For web editing, users need an Office 365 account.
  • Pricing
  • Usage-based payment plans—commercial and non-commercial.
  • User-based Office 365 subscription
  • Starts at
  • $50/Month
    No user subscription required. Flexible pay-as-you-use model.
  • $240
    Business user subscription required for document edits. $20 per user/month, billed annually.
  • Authentication
  • Single Zoho account for authenticating open/edit document requests. Users don't have to create individual accounts in Zoho.
  • Office 365 subscription mandatory. Each user is prompted to authenticate with a Microsoft/Office 365 account to edit documents.
  • Ease of Integration
  • Implementation in 2 easy steps:
    1. Open / view / edit / co-edit documents with standard API requests.
    2. Save edited documents back to your storage server with a saveurl method.
  • Fairly complex WOPI protocols, and requires separate implementation to "view" and "edit" documents.
    1. To support document view, WOPI hosts must implement CheckFileInfo and GetFile modules.
    2. To support document edit, WOPI hosts must implement other modules: PutFile, PutRelativeFile, Lock, Unlock, UnlockAndRelock, RefreshLock.
  • Server Requirement
  • Office Integrator solution runs on any server environment (including Linux).
  • MS WOPI only runs on Windows Server.

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