Editor API

Zoho Writer's new version of Editor API comes with an extended set of editor customizations. The enhancements will help you improve the way you work in Zoho Writer - be it creating a new document from scratch, editing an existing document or collaborating on one with many of your coworkers.

With the new version APIs, we have released an extended list of advanced parameters which you can use to customize the Writer editor settings directly from an API request. Partners can now control which of the Writer editor features they would like to enable for their users along with enhanced customization options.

Partners can customize the interaction with Zoho Writer for their users by setting the editor and document defaults in six different ways:

  • Default Document Settings

    Enables partners to set default format values of new documents for their users. Partners can choose default "Font Name" & "Page Orientation"; set "Font" & "Paper Size"; enable/disable "Track Changes" of a newly created document in Zoho Writer.

  • Editor Settings

    Editor customizations allow you to change "units" of a ruler (inch/mm), include Language selection, and set document view (page view/web view).

  • Document Permissions

    Define a set of editor features for a user. You have the option to allow or revoke document "Export", "Print" and "Edit" access; enable "Chat" panel for collaborators; provide the option to add "Comment" and resolve "Track Changes".  

  • Document Save

    The parameter "callback_settings" let you set the "Format" (say docx) in which you wish to save the document back to your storage server; specify "save_url" value; provide additional document info like session id, number of collaborators or any information related your web application that may include file type, file id, folder id etc. 

    Zoho Writer will return all the additional document-related data mentioned in the "context_info" parameter to the partner at the time of saving the document.  

  • Document Info

    Set a unique id and mention display name of the document through "document_id" and "document_name".

  • User info

    Identify the user in a document with "user_id" and "display_name".

Flowchart representation


1. User opening his/her application. 

2. Send a create request from your application client to the application server.

3. From user application server, a request will be sent to Create Document or other Editor API's to Zoho server.

4. We will be generating a JSON response with the document open URL in user application server.

5. User will send it back to his/her application client.

6. You can open this URL in two ways:

     -> Either open it inside the user application iframe

     -> Or open it a new tab - White label feature can be enabled here. 

7. Once the editor is opened, user can edit the document - this task will take place in the Zoho server.

8. After editing, user needs to trigger the save.

9. When the user triggers the save, the latest edited document will be uploaded to the user application server. 

‚ÄčIf a user performs any of the below 2 functions, he/she needs to inform the other collaborators (if using Co-edit API)

11. Closes the editor.

12. When user calls Delete document or user session API's - The action will be processed and a success response will be sent back to the user application server.


Supported languages, file formats and file size (during import) are mentioned below;