A note-worthy app at a notable price

An all-in-one note-taking app to deal with all your note-taking needs and streamline your productivity. Notebook is free to download–upgrade to Notebook Pro to enjoy more advanced features.

Notebook Essential Sign upGet Started
  • Sync across devices
  • 2GB cloud storage for notes and files
  • Upload files up to 100MB
  • 30MB notecard size
  • Set recurring reminders
  • Scan documents
  • Tags
  • Community and email support
  • Bookmark & Recipe Card
  • Read bookmarks offline
  • Share notecards, notebooks and notecard groups
  • Co-work in notecards
  • Up to 10 versions of a notecard
  • Secure notes (lock using Face ID/Touch ID)
Notebook Pro /3 yearsSign upGet Started

All in Essential +

  • 100GB cloud storage for notes and files
  • Upload files up to 1GB
  • 200MB notecard size
  • Set custom recurring reminders
  • Search documents using OCR
  • Smart tags
  • Phone & live chat support
  • Flight Card
  • Turn emails into notecards
  • Smart search using OCR and object detection
  • Co-work in notebooks and notecard groups
  • Up to 100 versions of a notecard
  • Add to widgets
  • Scan tables
  • Scan business cards
  • Add to notification tray
  • Set premium covers

See how Notebook Pro differs from the other note-taking apps


Notebook Pro

Evernote Personal

Notion Plus

Price$1.99 /month$14.99 /month$10 /month
Core features
Access your data offline   
Note size200MB200MB-
File Upload size1GB200MB-
Phone call   
Share & Collaborate
Share notes   
Share notebooks  -
Publish Notes   
Share with guests  Unlimited
Real-time collaboration   
@ mention to share   
Noteboards / Kanban board   
Turn emails into notes   
Note templates   
Merge notes   
Link notes   
Lock notes with passcode   
Encrypt text in a note   
Scribble/Sketch in notes   
Create Smart Cards   
Scan business cards   
Scan documents   
Scan tabular data   
Set reminders   
Set custom recurring reminders   
Search for text in images, documents, and PDFs   
Preview links   
Annotate images   
Annotate PDF   
View note history / versions100 versions 30 days
Export data   
Switch between accounts   
Add notes as widgets   
Web clipper   
Connect Google Calendar account   
Integration with Microsoft teams   
Integration with Slack   
Integration with Google Suite   
Integration within Zoho Ecosystem