Customize and organize.

Make each notebook yours by selecting one of our handcrafted covers.

Copy and move Note Cards to keep your ideas in order.

Assign colors to your Note Cards to stay organized.

See your Note Cards in either grid or landscape style views.

Note the details.

Marvel at how objects react to your touch.

See Note Cards behave like magnets when you group or ungroup them.

Watch font colors change according to each Note Card's color.

All the Extras.

Tag your notes to make them easily searchable and keep them organized.

Secure your notes and notebooks with passcodes and Touch ID.

Refer to previous versions of a note by checking its Version History.

Ask Zia to help you save content to Notebook, search for notes, and set reminders with voice commands.

Multi-task with Notebook in iPad Pro

Synced, sealed, delivered.

This is the Notebook you'll never lose because it syncs to the cloud and across your devices. It's always backed-up and always up to date.


It's the Notebook on your phone and in your pocket. It's the Notebook on your tablet and beside your bed.