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The only platform with advanced features at your favorable price. Elevate your team's productivity with Notebook for business and unleash more ways to achieve your business goals.

  • Sync across devices
  • 5GB cloud storage for notes and files
  • Upload files up to 100MB
  • 30MB notecard size
  • Unlimited Noteboards with max of 4 Noteboard Lists each
  • Unlimited Whiteboards with max of one Page
  • Set recurring reminders
  • Scan documents
  • Tags
  • Community and email support
  • Bookmark & Recipe Card
  • Read bookmarks offline
  • Share notecards, notebooks and notecard groups
  • Co-work in notecards
  • Up to 10 versions of a notecard
  • Secure notes (lock using Face ID/Touch ID)
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All in Free +

  • 1 TB Up to 10 users and an additional 100GB for every new user
  • Upload files up to 1GB
  • 200MB notecard size
  • Unlimited Noteboards with unlimited Noteboard Lists
  • Unlimited Whiteboards with unlimited Pages
  • Set custom recurring reminders
  • Search documents using OCR
  • Smart tags
  • Phone & live chat support
  • Flight Card
  • Turn emails into notecards
  • Smart search using OCR and object detection
  • Co-work in notebooks and notecard groups
  • Up to 100 versions of a notecard
  • Add to widgets
  • Scan tables
  • Scan business cards
  • Add to notification tray
  • Set premium covers