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Zoho Notebook

Free yourself from forgetting with the new and mobile Zoho Notebook. Visit:zoho.com/notebook

Zoho Notebook Update: Auto-save & more

After opening up Zoho Notebook recently, we got very good response/feedback from many users like you that kept us busy enhancing the application. In the...

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MIT Technology Review writes about Zoho

Richard Brandt at MIT Technology Review has an article on Zoho titled “Can Zoho beat Google?“. From the article : Zoho has become a prolific...

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PodTech: Zoho, disruptor of Microsoft Office?

Earlier this month Sridhar Vembu and I had a brief discussion with Robert Scoble on various Zoho related topics. Scoble posted these videos (Discussion with...

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Zoho Notebook Launches

We are happy to announce the public availability of Zoho Notebook – Beta. Existing Zoho users can login here with your Zoho ID. As many...

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Zoho on Wii

With nothing much to do this weekend due to rain, I decided to play with my Wii. After enabling wireless access on Wii, I installed...

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Zoho Notebook launch video @ DEMO 07

Slowly, the dust is settling now on our recent Zoho Notebook launch at the DEMO Conference. As Aravind said in the previous post, we got...

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Zoho Notebook gets a tremendous welcome

The announcement of the Private Alpha of Zoho Notebook during DEMO ’07 had a high impact among bloggers and journalists alike. Here’s some choicest quotes...

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Announcing Zoho Notebook

I have a good news and a bad news today. The good news is, we are announcing Zoho Notebook, our latest addition to Zoho Suite....

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