Great news for Slack users: We’re rolling out our Notebook for Slack today. With this integration, you can instantly save your Slack messages as notecards in your Notebook, share your thoughts from Notebook as Slack messages, take quick notes, and create notebooks, all from within Slack. Add the Notebook app to your Slack now and improve your productivity multi-fold.

Note your messages

Take note of any Slack conversation you want to remember in Notebook. Whether it’s a design plan, a marketing idea or a minutes of meeting, Notebook for Slack helps you instantly save your messages as notecards.

To add a message as a notecard:

1. Hover over any message to see more actions.

2. Tap More Actions, then tap Add to Notebook

3. Add the title and choose the Notebook to save that message as a notecard.

Message your thoughts 

Record your thoughts in Notebook and post your notecards as messages in Slack. Search for your notes within Slack with the /notebook command. You can post any note as a message or open it in Notebook.

Quick actions within Slack

We like to take quick notes without leaving Slack. The /addnote command helps you to create notes quickly without leaving your channel or conversation. All your notes are saved in Notebook and available for search inside Slack.

We also love to organize our notes, so with this integration, you can create notebooks from Slack using the /addnotebook command and organize your notes into it for your reference anytime. The /notebookhelp command offers the capabilities of Notebook for Slack.

We hope you try and enjoy this new Notebook integration with Slack! We’d also love to hear your thoughts: send us your feedback and suggestions about Notebook for Slack to or in the comments below.

  1. Matt

    Is this available in the UK?

    • Varadarajan AR

      Hi Matt,

      Unfortunately, this integration is now currently available to Notebook’s US Data Center users. We are actively working on making it available to EU Data Center as well. I’ll update this comment once that is done. If you have more queries or suggestions, write to us at

  2. Vaibhav Kaushal

    Wow! Really great! 🙂 I had been waiting for this!

    • Varadarajan AR

      Hi Vaibhav,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Please keep using Notebook and send in your valuable suggestions & feedback to