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Zoho Press Releases Zoho Revamps Zoho Invoice

New UI, New Features Highlight Upgrade to Company’s Online Invoicing App

  • New features include expense module, multi-user support, email history, and open APIs
  • Revamped user interface improves ease of use and organization

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zoho today announced Zoho Invoice 2.0, the latest version of its online invoice generation and tracking application for organizations that want to run their businesses online. Available now, Zoho Invoice 2.0 is packed with features along with a revamped, streamlined user interface and more. A video tour of Zoho Invoice is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOp4ENtzPrc.

"Zoho Invoice 2.0 reflects our ongoing commitment to evolve our online applications,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist.

“While we continue to refine our feature set and functionality, we are also pushing hard to integrate our applications and enhance the overall user experience. Zoho Invoice 2.0 is a result of our commitment to constantly improve our apps."

Detailing Zoho Invoice

Zoho earned customer and industry kudos for the first version of Zoho Invoice. The online business application brought online invoices, estimates, multi-currency support, online payment options, and more to small and medium businesses, freelancers, consultants, and individual professionals. With the latest version of Zoho Invoice, the company builds on that foundation with the following new features:

  • Revamped user interface – Zoho Invoice now features an intuitive and enhanced user interface that improves ease of use. Throughout the application, the user interface has been revised to simplify and streamline invoicing processes. The tabbed menu bar now includes tabs for users, settings, support and expenses. Options related to the active tab now display directly under the tab.
  • Expenses module – Users who make purchases or have expenses on behalf of their clients can now record those expenses and then convert them to invoices that can be issued via Zoho Invoice. Users can add both billable and non-billable expenses to their list. With a single click, all billable expenses for a given client can be consolidated on a single, itemized invoice and emailed to the client’s email address.
  • Invite, Share and Collaborate– Zoho Invoice now lets multiple users access the invoices associated with a given account. You can now invite your colleagues, collaborate with them and keep track of who has done what changes and when. The account owner can make another user an “administrator,” which lets that user customize invoices via the settings tab in the application. Users designated “staff” will not have access to the settings section.
  • Email history – Zoho Invoice now maintains a complete email history, logging all the email activity users have with their clients. Users can now view the history of their email exchanges with customers under the Customers tab and view user mail history under the Users tab.
  • Open APIs – Zoho has opened up the APIs for Zoho Invoice, so you can use these APIs to mash up Zoho Invoice with other applications and integrate it with your business workflow.

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Zoho Press Releases Zoho Revamps Zoho Invoice
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