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The Targets page shows targets set for the Company, Teams, and Individuals. Administrators can view all targets, targets they’re managing, their scorecard, and their personal targets. Non-Administrators can view their scorecard and personal targets. Once Administrators set targets, everyone receives personalized scorecards that indicate their progress visually to keep them engaged and on-track.

Progress Indicator

Progress indicators provide an overview of target status at-a-glance and make it easy to identify targets in need of attention.

Motivator models the expected value for targets as linear progress from 0 to the target value over the target period. Target status is classified as follows:

  • On-Track: The current value is greater than or equal to the expected value.
  • Off-Track: The current value lags behind the expected value by 10% or more.
  • Cautioned: The current value is between On-Track and Off-Track.


  • The free plan only supports Company Targets.
  • Administrators can create and edit Company, Team, Individual, and Personal targets. Other users can only view their Scorecards and create and edit Personal targets.

Set/Delete Targets

Set Targets to focus users on key sales activities to meet your goals (e.g., lead creation, potential creation, etc.).

To set targets

  1. Click the Action Menu ([...]) in the top-right of any KPI card and select Set Targets.
  2. In the Set Target for [KPI name] screen, select a Target Period from the Set Target Period dropdown and click Next.
  3. Specify target values for your Company, Teams and Individuals and click Next.
  4. In the Recap screen, confirm the settings you made and click Save.

To delete targets

  1. Click the Action Menu ([...]) on any Target you’d like to delete.
  2. Select Delete Target .


  • Administrators can set targets for the Company and active Motivator users only
  • Target notifications are delivered to active Motivator users only


By clicking the Peer Comparison icon ([#]) users can compare their performance against their peers. This can motivate users to step up their game and/or seek help when needed.
peer comparison in Targets

To gain further peer performance insights, you can click on the target to show the KPI trend chart, and then view By Employee. Based on this analysis you can pair higher performers with lower performers to create a team contest (with balanced teams) to foster teamwork and peer-coaching.
create teams and start a contest

See Contests for more details on contest creation


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