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What is Motivator TV ?

Motivator TV provides an engaging visualization of Contest, Target, and KPI status for display on large-screen TVs. It increases visibility, recognition, and fun and keeps salespeople engaged and motivated. To start watching Motivator TV, select a Motivator TV channel from the Motivator TV section in the home page or navigation pane (left) and click the Launch link.
Active Contests channel


  • The free plan supports only the “Active Contests” TV channel and no custom channels.
  • Administrators can add, edit, and delete custom channels. Users can only view channels shared with them by Administrators.

The following channels are provided as default:

Default KPIs
  • All KPIs from Default KPIs dashboard
  • People & Period filters = Company & This Month
  • Sort order matches Default KPIs dashboard
Pipeline Velocity
  • All KPIs from the Pipeline Velocity dashboard
  • People & Period filters = Company & Last 30 Days
  • Sort order matches Pipeline Velocity dashboard
Company Targets
  • All company targets
  • Sort order matches Administrator Targets page (Company section)
Active Contests
  • All active contests
  • Sorted by start date (ascending)
  • This is actually a custom channel created by default
  • Administrators can add selected Contests, Targets, and KPIs
  • Channel content is editable and sortable


  • Default channels are automatically created and cannot be deleted or modified, with the exception of the channel settings (e.g., security and display settings).
  • The Featured channel is actually a custom channel provided by default, which Administrators can edit but not delete.

Manage Channels

Add Contests, Targets, and KPIs

In the Manage tab, you can select Contests, Targets, and KPIs to show on the channel.
manage tab

You can also edit Channel settings using the Edit Settings link.
edit settings

Splashes & Announcements

You can setup automatic splashes and run announcements in the ticker area at the bottom of the Motivator TV screen.


To add splashes (for points scored in contests)

  • Select a Channel from the left pane and click the Manage link.
  • Click the Edit Settings link under Actions.
  • Select the Show a splash screen when points are scored in Contests checkbox.
    slpash setting
  • Click Save.


To add an announcement

  • Select a Channel from the left pane and click the Manage link.
  • Click Add Announcement and select an existing message or click + New Announcement.
  • Enter your message in the newly added field and click the Save link next to the message.
    announcement setting
  • Click Save in the top-right corner of the page to save the changes.


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