Using Motivator

  • How much does Motivator cost?

    Please see our Pricing. In the future, Motivator will also be incorporated into Zoho CRM Plus, at no additional cost for CRM Plus customers.

  • Do I need licenses for all our CRM users?

    No. You only need licenses for people who wish to access Motivator dashboards and analytics and participate in contests and targets. Pricing is the same for all users, including Administrators, who can create and manage dashboards, targets, and contests in addition to participating in them.

  • Can I run multiple contests at the same time?

    Yes. You can create contests customized for different people, teams, and company goals, and run them all at the same time. However, the free plan supports only one contest at a time.

  • Do I need to offer prizes?

    No. Prizes can help make things interesting, but Motivator's scorecards, leaderboards, and notifications will keep your team engaged and motivated even without prizes. Show Motivator TV on large-screen TVs in your sales offices and watch your team go.

  • How easy is it to set up?

    Assuming you already have a Zoho CRM account, you can login to Motivator and begin visualizing and analyzing your sales performance in minutes. Most people are able to configure KPIs, set-up targets, and start contests with a day. Visit our User Guide for more information.