Implementation Details

  • What Zoho CRM modules does Motivator support?

    Motivator supports all Zoho CRM modules:

    • Leads
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Potentials
    • Tasks
    • Events
    • Calls
    • Cases
    • Campaigns
    • Solutions
    • Products
    • Vendors
    • Quotes
    • Sales Orders
    • Purchase Orders
    • Invoices
  • Can Motivator access custom fields?

    Yes. Motivator automatically allows you to access any field - standard or custom.

  • Can Motivator access custom modules?


  • What should I do if new custom fields and modules are added to Zoho CRM after Motivator's initial CRM sync process?

    Visit Motivator's settings and click CRM Sync > Re-sync Users/Modules/Fields to fetch and update all fields and modules, including newly added custom fields and modules.

  • Will using Motivator affect any of the Zoho CRM limits within our CRM org?

    No. Zoho Motivator doesn't impact any limits within your org, including API calls, CRM users, etc.