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A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a business metric to help an organization define and measure progress towards organizational goals. KPI dashboards & charts help managers to:

  • Gain real-time visibility into the vital signs of the sales organization
  • Make timely adjustments to meet sales goals
  • Gain insights into key success drivers and blockers
  • Set targets and create contests, with just a few clicks, to motivate winning behaviors


  • The free plan does not support custom dashboards.
  • Administrators can add, delete, and edit dashboards. 
    Users can only view dashboards shared with them by Administrators.

Basic Dashboards

Default KPIs

The following five KPIs are shown by default in the Default KPIs dashboard:

  • Leads Created
  • Potentials Created
  • Revenue Generated
  • Sales Won
  • Sales Lost

Motivator also provides one KPI per module in CRM (e.g., Contacts Created, Cases Created, etc.) but they are not shown by default. They can be added to the dashboard using the + icon or the settings icon > Configure Dashboard menu item.
Default KPI

View Chart

You can click on any KPI to show an interactive trend chart for the selected KPI. You can also breakdown the data by team, by employee, or by selected fields in the associated CRM record.
View Chart


  • Company KPIs and charts include data produced by both active Motivator users and other CRM users. However, you can only filter and breakdown KPIs and charts By Employee for active Motivator.

Add/Create KPI

To add existing KPIs or create new KPIs

  1. To add an existing KPI, click the + icon and select one of the KPIs under ADD EXISTING KPI. To create a new KPI, select the + New KPI menu item.
    Add New KPI
  2. In the Create KPI screen, choose the CRM module you want to track from the dropdown and click Next.
  3. Specify rules to select records and compute the KPI value and then click Next.
    Create KPI
  4. Provide a Name and Description for the KPI and click Next.
  5. In the Recap screen, review your settings and click Save.

For any KPI you can use the Action Menu to Set Targets, Create Contest, and Add to TV (See Common Operation Help).


  • You can also create KPIs from Custom Modules defined in CRM.

Delete KPI

Default KPIs cannot be deleted. You can delete custom KPIs (created using + New KPI) by selecting Delete KPI from the Action Menu.
Delete KPI

Advanced Dashboards

Pipeline Velocity

Pipeline Velocity indicates how quickly opportunities are moving through your sales pipeline on their way to becoming Closed Won deals.
Pipeline Velocity

Pipeline velocity is defined as:
Open Potentials x Win Rate x Deal Size x (30 days) / Sales Cycle Length

To boost your Pipeline Velocity you can:

  1. Increase your qualified opportunities
  2. Increase your win rate
  3. Increase your average deal size, or
  4. Reduce your sales cycle length


  1. Check the Pipeline Velocity dashboard periodically to confirm your pipeline is operating efficiently.
  2. Identify potential issues highlighted in red, e,g, the Deal Size KPI has trended downward in comparison to the previous period.
    Identify Issues
  3. Drilldown/analyze: Add Deal Size to the trend chart.
    Drilldown and analize
    The chart indicates that the average Deal Size dropped from a peak around $7,500 in February and March to around $5,500 in April.
    confirm deal size down
  4. To increase the Deal Size, create a contest with just a few clicks from the Deal Size KPI (See Contests for more details on contest creation). You can energize the team with the new contest.
    Create Contests

Pipeline Stages

This dashboard shows your win rate, average sales cycle length, and stage conversion rates for potentials closed in the selected period. This provides additional visibility into how potentials are moving through your pipeline toward becoming Closed Won deals.
Pipeline Stages

To boost performance, identify any bottlenecks you see between the stages and then decide which sales activities to motivate in order to:

  1. Increase your stage conversion rates, or
  2. Reduce your stage conversion times

Create and Share Dashboards

You can create custom dashboards and share them with the Company, Teams, and individuals.

  1. Click + New Dashboard from the left pane.
  2. In the New Dashboard Name pop-up, specify the Dashboard Name and click Save.
  3. In the New Dashboard page, select the + icon to add KPIs (See Add/Create KPIs for more details).
  4. After adding KPIs, share the dashboard by clicking the Click here to share with others link.

To Share Dashboards from the left pane

  1. Select Manage Dashboards from the left pane.
  2. Click the Share button corresponding to the dashboard you want to share.
  3. In the Share [Dashboard Name] Dashboard page, you can specify with whom to share the dashboard.
    Share Dashboards

  • Company: All active Motivator users.
  • Team: Groups of active Motivator users defined by you (see Settings Help for more details on Team creation).
  • Individuals: Individual active Motivator users.

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