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Contests help energize salespeople and boost performance.

In the Contests page, Administrators can view all contests. Non-Administrators can view only contests in which they are participants or observers.

Clicking on a contest shows the contest details page including leaderboard, performance chart, rules, and prizes (if any).

Contests Page


Detail View

Detail View of Contest

  • Leaderboard - Shows user rankings in the contest.
  • Performance Chart - Shows the performance of the top 3 leaders compared to you (if you are a participant). When you click users in the leaderboard, the chart shows the selected user’s performance compared to you (if you are a participant).


  • The free plan supports just one active contest at any given time.
  • Administrators can add, delete, and edit Contests. Users can only see contests in which they are participants or observers.

Create Contests

To create a Contest, click the Action Menu ([...]) on a KPI or Target card and select Create Contest.

Add Behavior

Behaviors define what Contest are about. If you create a contest from the Action Menu of a KPI or Target, then the behaviors are pre-populated for you. You can also choose from Previously Created Behaviors or New Behavior templates. You can fine-tune Behaviors by adding Rules.
add behavior

Add Prizes

Motivate your employees by offering prizes for top performers. Click Add Prize and then enter a Name such as "Gift Card" and Value such as "$100"
add prizes


  • Only Administrators can create Contests and only active Motivator users can be added as participants or observers.


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