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Common Operation

KPI Icons

  • Targets: This icon appears when one or more targets have been set for a KPI. Clicking the icon leads you to the Targets page for this KPI.
    Targets icon
  • Peer Comparison: This icon allows you to see how you compare to the top 3 performers for this KPI. 
    Peer Comparison icon
  • KPI Info: This icon allows you to see more details about how this KPI is computed
    KPI Info icon
  • Action Menu: This menu offers a list of actions you can perform on this KPI. Targets and Contests also have similar action menus.
    Action Menu icon

KPI Actions

You can perform the following actions on KPIs:

  • Set Target
    Set Targets to focus users on key sales activities to meet your goals (e.g., lead creation, potential creation, etc.). Once you’ve set targets they appear in the Targets page and everyone receives personalized scorecards to keep them engaged and on-track to meet your goals. See Targets for more details.
  • Create Contest
    Create Contests to energize the team and boost performance. Once you’ve created contests they appear in the Contests page. See Contests for more details.
  • Add to TV
    Show Contests, Targets, and KPIs on Motivator TV to increase visibility, recognition and fun. Use the Action Menu to select a TV channel to which to add the content. You can also visit TV channels in the navigation pane (left) and click the Manage tab to add, edit, and re-order TV channel content. See Motivator TV for more details.


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