Tie rewards to sales goals.

Create multiple categories of rewards and align them with your organizational targets. Whenever a target is achieved or a goal is reached, Zoho Motivator makes sure to spread the word across the whole team. Visualize the performance of your teams. Get a detailed visual and interactive representation of the current status of contest standings in real time. Highlight top performers and motivate others to rise in the rankings.

Define your desired sales practices.

Motivating and driving your sales team starts with clear and concrete benchmarks. Transform your organizational goals into personal objectives by defining the key sales behaviors to help everyone stay on track and maximize their potential.

Drive the right behavior.

Increasing revenue comes from achieving a series of small tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Break down larger organizational objectives into small, achievable tasks to propel your team forward. Create daily targets for number of calls made or tasks completed and watch your team increase its productivity.

Set targets for yourself.

Keep your sales force focused with targets for individuals, teams, and even the organization as a whole. Set your own targets, track your progress, and achieve your goals one step at a time.

Clear goals & real-time feedback

Monitor your sales team's performance and give your sales reps a report of their current sales activity using scorecards. Gain visibility into how your sales team is performing at the drop-of-a-hat without it affecting your day-to-day activities.

Visually track your progress.

Get an interactive snapshot of your performance in real time. Cycle between your targets and tweak it to your preferences by adding custom benchmarks. Compare yourself with your peers. Compare your sales targets with those of your colleagues, and know where you stand among your team members.

Score yourself.

Drive personal accountability with scorecards for everyone on your sales team and watch them accomplish goals and complete their tasks on time.

Contests to boost motivation.

Contests are a great way to foster healthy competition, keep your team engaged, and add a dash of fun to your everyday sales tasks.

Create contests in a single click.

Contests do more than just motivate individuals. They provide the opportunity to work together as a team and break the monotony of everyday tasks while fostering healthy competition.

Leaderboards to see how you measure up.

Leaderboards give you a real-time snapshot of how individuals or teams are performing in a contest. View rankings, scores, and the status on every sales rep on TVs, your desktop, or mobile device.

Build teams and bring out the competitive spirit.

Drill down and build your teams based on their skills. Pair a top performing individual with a lower performing one and inspire everyone to improve and achieve.

Set your rules.

Create contests from existing KPIs with a single click, or model contest rules based on the results and targets you expect by adding additional behaviors to the contest based on your current targets.