Smart dashboards.

With Motivator dashboards, you know exactly how your sales team is performing. Dashboards are like windows to your sales data : All your organizational objectives and performance measurement metrics are in one central page, granting you instant visibility.



Create KPIs which highlight your organizational aims, such as creating new potentials, making cold calls, generating more revenue. Based on these metrics, identify how well each team is performing, and tailor specific strategies to improve them. Now lay back, open up your dashboard, and monitor your sales team's activities from your desk.

Custom dashboards.

Too many metrics clouding your vision? Just pick out the aspects you are focused on and assemble them into a custom dashboard. For example, customize one for the KPIs you are lagging in, one for the KPIs which you excel in, and so on. Create multiple dashboards for each aspect of your sales.

Insights for better acumen.

Unless you are a sales veteran, identifying which decision is prone to which outcome can be a challenging task. Motivator provides tools to simplify your number-heavy data. See the math behind your sales figures.


Trend charts.

With hectic schedules and shorter deadlines, the last thing you need is a sleepless night analyzing lists of spreadsheets. Motivator gathers your historical sales figures into one interactive chart of trends, making it easy to pinpoint anomalies. Set benchmarks over a specific time frame.

Breakdown charts.

Statistics say the number one cause of employee dissatisfaction is a lack of accurate feedback. Breakdown charts make it easy for you to direct attention where it's needed by highlighting where each of your sales reps stand in achieving their target.

Pipeline velocity.

Discover if your sales are increasing or decreasing through metrics such as open potentials, win rate, and deal size. Pipeline velocity shows you how quickly opportunities are moving through your pipeline on their way to becoming closed deals. Visualize yours on an interactive chart, and add components to narrow down your query.

Pipeline stages.

A quality pipeline management system extracts business insights from raw sales figures, not by updating the data in your CRM. Measure the various stages of your sales cycle in a single snapshot. Motivator calculates metrics such as the Win Rate and Sales Cycle Length. It also allows you to drill down the chart with filters.