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Two games, one goal: more sales

It’s no secret that salespeople are naturally competitive. It’s that drive that gets them through rough days or months. It pushes them past the endless...

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How to choose the best metrics to boost sales using Zoho Motivator’s new dashboards

The most effective sales managers know that when it comes to analyzing and improving their team’s performance, not all metrics are created equal. Some are...

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Stay on course to reach your 2017 sales destination with Zoho Motivator.

Setting sales goals is an essential part of advancing your business in the coming year. But goals are destinations, not directions. And like navigating through...

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Introducing Zoho Motivator: Boost sales, have fun.

Sales is about numbers. Sales teams focus squarely on targets, religiously conducting pipeline and deal reviews while calculating percentages to quota, OTE and accelerators. I...

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