Zoho Loves Android: Announcing our first Android App (for Zoho Invoice!)

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It’s been almost a year since we released our very first native mobile app, Zoho Docs for iPhone. We’ve continued to make progress providing easy access to the Zoho apps when using mobile devices both with native and mobile web apps. But so far we had limited ourselves to iPhone apps. Android’s rapid ascension in the market has not gone unnoticed and, in fact, an Android app has been the most request feature in Zoho Invoice for some time now. So today we’re happy to cross one big item of our list with our very first Android app for Zoho Invoice.Zoho Invoice for Android is a mobile app that allows you to easily create, send and access invoices, estimates and expenses wherever you are, right from your mobile phone.

For example, you can instantly view details about your customers, including contacts, notes and any amount they might owe you. You can as well access and edit the items (i.e. those things that you sell) as well as their price and any associated taxes. Handy when you’re on the go and a customer just asked you for a custom project.Create and send invoices and estimates with just a few taps on the screen: select terms, due date, items being invoice and voilá… your invoice has been created. A couple taps more and you can send it via email to your customer right after finishing your meeting. Not only you get a nicely formatted preview of your invoice on your phone, but it goes out as a PDF, using the professional-looking template you have configured in your account.

Zoho Invoice for Android also allows you to manage travel and other expenses. This is particularly convenient when you are working on a project for a client and the expenses are billable. Enter those expenses on the app as they happen, and they will be included in the next invoice you send to the customer.

Zoho Invoice for Android is available starting today at the Android Market. The App is free, and you can use it with any of the Zoho Invoice plans (including the free one!). Isn’t life good?

Make customers happy, look professional and get paid fast with Zoho Invoice – right from your mobile phone.


ps. Last week we announced the Zoho CRM App for iPhone, we got many comments from people requesting an Android app. We heard you loud and clear. Bear with us and stay tuned!

Introducing the Zoho CRM App for iPhone and Mobile Web Access

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We just released two exciting updates to our Zoho CRM product line: the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition and support for mobile web browsers in Zoho CRM. With these two new updates, we’re making it easier than ever to manage your deals and increase your sales while on the go – even if you’re in an airplane with no WiFi.

Zoho CRM Mobile Edition
 is an iPhone app that allows sales teams to get instant access to their Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Potentials and Activities information stored in Zoho CRM. Once installed on your phone, the app automatically downloads your CRM information so that it is available for you even when your device is offline. You can create, edit or delete records, and those changes will be reflected in your online Zoho CRM account for others to see as soon as you bring your device online. You can even search for records while you’re offline. The best part is, it all works on the background. We’ve made it very easy so salespeople can focus on selling.

Of course, having your records available offline is not all. Through the integration with other apps in the iPhone you can also do other cool things. For example, you can locate directions to visit your customer using the ‘Show Map’ feature. You can send emails to customers and prospects and not only can you make calls – but you can also have those calls be automatically logged as an activity inside Zoho CRM.

In addition, if you are using the Zoho CRM Mail Add-on, you can also have the e-mails you send from your iPhone be automatically logged and reflected in your CRM account, even if you sent them from the iPhone mail app.

The Zoho CRM Mobile Edition App for iPhone is available starting today in the Apple App Store. The app itself is free to download, but you’ll need to subscribe to the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition (only $3 per user/month) to be able to use it. Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition customers get most of the functionality for free – so if you were waiting for another reason to upgrade to our Enterprise Edition, well, this is it! We also just released a similar app for BlackBerry phones.

In addition to the installable iPhone app, we also released the web app for mobile phones. I know this might confuse some people… but here’s the difference: the Zoho CRM Mobile Edition is something you install on your phone. The web app is something you access on your phone using your browser. There’s nothing to install – and there’s nothing to pay either! The web app is entirely free for all Zoho CRM customers. The main difference between the two is that with the web app – if you don’t have internet connectivity you’re out of luck – there’s no offline access.

You can access the web app right away by going to m.zoho.com in your phone’s browser. We currently support the iPhone and Android mobile browsers and Opera Mini in BlackBerry. Although we haven’t tested them, any other phones with a decent mobile web browser will work as well.We have of course been using these apps internally at Zoho for some time now, and many customers have helped us by being beta users. So far it seems everyone is happy. We look forward to your feedback as well.



Introducing Zoho Docs for iPad

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Zoho Docs, our Online Document Management application is now available on iPad (

iTunes link
). The 2.0 version of the application is now a universal app that works on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. Similar to the iPhone version, the iPad app lets you view your documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc within the app.
We have also made a few enhancements to the iPhone version. The look is crisp with added support for Retina display. We have also added options to share files with different permissions within the app.
We do have several more enhancements planned. Keep watching this space!

Introducing Zoho Invoice for iPhone

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If you are a Zoho Invoice user, we have some good news. Zoho Invoice application is now available on AppStore (iTunes link) for free.

The applications is rich in functionality. It includes 5 modules – Invoices, Estimates, Customers, Expenses & Items. In all these modules, you can create, edit or view your existing data within the iPhone app. Additional contextual actions are also available for each module.

If you are accessing Zoho Invoice from devices other than iPhone, a
mobile optimized version of Zoho Invoice is available @ mobile.zoho.com.

Please do give this app a try and let us know your comments.

Introducing ​​​​​​​​​​​Zoho Docs for iPhone

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We are excited to announce the launch of
Zoho Docs (iTunes link), a native application for iPhone and iPod Touch. This is the first native application from Zoho on a mobile device. It is currently available for free on the AppStore and runs on iPhone/iPod Touch.


The goal for the current version of the application is simple. We wanted to provide easy access to your Zoho documents from your mobile device. All files created, uploaded or shared in Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show or Docs can easily be accessed from this application. You can view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images & PDFs with in the app.


The app also allows you to upload images from your mobile device to Zoho Docs. Built in search helps you find documents easily.

This is a start for Zoho on the AppStore. We plan to offer native applications for mobile devices, but most of the processing will be done in the cloud. If you are interested in browser based apps, you can access it at


We’d like to hear your feedback on our first iPhone App. Also, what other Zoho Apps would you like to see on the AppStore?

Subscribing to Zoho Calendar on iPhone/iPad

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Earlier this month Zoho Calendar stepped out of Beta adding several new features including Calendar subscription. This means you can now view your calendar events in native clients. 

We received several requests for viewing calendar events on iPhone. Zoho Calendar can be accessed through your mobile browser @ http://mobile.zoho.com (or m.zoho.com). But if you want to view your events on the native Calendar application, follow these instructions.

First, you need to enable Remote URL for the Calendar you want to access on you mobile device. To do this, go to your Calendar Settings > My Calendar, choose the Details option of the Calendar you want to view. Choose the ‘Sharing’ tab and check the option ‘Enable private address for this calendar’. Choosing the iCal URL will allow you to copy the private URL for your calendar. Once you copied the private URL, transfer this to your iPhone/iPad (email it to yourself) and copy the URL on your iPhone.

Do not publish this URL anywhere. Doing so will expose your calendar information. If you did this my mistake, the ‘Reset’ option will regenerate the URLs (making the previous ones invalid).

On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings App, choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ and choose ‘Add Account’. Tap with
the ‘Other’ option and choose ‘Add Subscribed Calendar’ option.


In the next screen, paste the URL from Zoho Calendar and choose the ‘Next’ option.


This will validate the URL and will allow you to name your calendar. Choose the ‘Done’ option to confirm your settings.

You should be all set. Your native Calendar application you display your events from Zoho Calendar.

Accessing Zoho Mail on iPhone/iPad through IMAP

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You can access Zoho Mail on any mobile device from http://mobile.zoho.com, if you have a decent browser. But if you prefer using the local email client on your mobile device, you can fetch mails from Zoho Mail through POP or IMAP. We recently introduced IMAP support in Zoho Mail and today I want to expand on how to configure this on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Before you can configure your mobile email client, you first need to enable POP/IMAP access for your email account. To do this, go to Email Settings > Personalize > Email forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable either POP or IMAP. Here are the instructions for POP and IMAP.

Once you enable IMAP, you can now follow these instructions on your iPhone to receive/send emails.

Go to Settings App > Mail, Contacts, Calendars >Choose ‘Add Account’ and ‘Other’ option.

In the next screen, choose ‘Add Mail Account’ and provide the details like Name, email address (username@zoho.com), your Zoho password and a description of your account.

In the next screen provide Incoming Mail Server (imap.zoho.com) and Outgoing Mail Server (smtp.zoho.com) 

Once the details are verified, you should be all set. You can now open the mail app to fetch emails from Zoho Mail. In case of IMAP, mails read on your mail client will be marked as read on Zoho Mail client as well.

Configuration instructions are similar for iPad as well. In case you need additional details to configure IMAP, here we go.

Incoming Port: 993

Outgoing Port: 465

SSL: Yes

Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication: Yes

Hope this helps. If you face any issues, please let us know.