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Co-organizers for webinars

You can now invite co-organizers to help you manage your webinar. Co-organizer can launch polls, answer questions, change presenters during the webinar, record webinar, view all attendees/staff and more.

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Choosing external audio/video devices

We already have an option to choose audio devices from the list of external audio devices connected to the computer. Now we have extended this feature to video devices also. If you have external video devices connected, you can select the webcam you would like to share with your meeting or webinar participants.


Automatic region based dial-in number display

To enhance the user experience for phone conferencing, we are now displaying the default phone number based on the country from where the presenter/participant join the session. You can view your country dial-in number(if available), conference code and pin just by choosing the Phone audio option while starting/joining the session.


Analytics ready notification

We have now added a notification email for the webinar presenter on the webinar analytics and reports are ready to view and export. 


Drag and relocate the video feed

You can now drag the video feed in the presenter and participant's application to relocate anywhere inside the application. You don't have to worry that the shared screen behind the video feed getting hidden for the participants. They can just move around the video feed.


Enhanced screen sharing quality

We have made some tweaks to the screen sharing feature to improve the quality of the presenter's screen shared at the participant's end. I'm sure your meeting participants and webinar attendees will view your screen in excellent quality.


Mailers enhancement

We have redesigned all the mailers sent to the presenter, participants and registrants of the meeting/webinar for better readability and usability.


Speed enhancements

We have extended dedicated media servers to few more regions across the globe. Your participants can see improvements in screen sharing speed and this removes the unnecessary lag in both screen sharing and conference using computer's mic and speaker.


Phone audio enhancements

We have tuned the phone conference to improve the audio quality. We have also increased the volume of the voice through phone and you can see a betterment in the audio clarity during the conference.


Enhanced video webinar scalability

We have now fine-tuned the webcam video streaming to enhance the scalability of the video webinar on a normal bandwidth network of the attendees. This also reduces the bandwidth usage and improved video streaming without any fuzzy or broken video frames.


Presenter / Participant App

  • Loading icon is shown till the recording gets triggered from the server end and then the icon changes to record mode when the recording starts.
  • The issue of recording getting stopped while the page is reloaded has been fixed.
  • Proper messages are shown when there is an issue in connecting to the webcam or mic of the computer.
  • The issue of connecting the rear camera instead of front camera when joining meeting from Windows Surface Pro is fixed now. 
  • The issue of not connecting to audio if there is any problem with video device for a switched Presenter on a Windows PC has been fixed now.
  • The issue of not pre-populating the phone number for Webinar participant has been fixed.
  • The issue of the screen is cluttered in Firefox browsers when zoomed in or out has been fixed now.
  • If there are no details provided in the 'Your own conference' audio option, the proper message is shown to the presenter and participant during meeting.
  • The issue of showing connection error while ending the webinar has been fixed now.
  • The issue of exiting the webinar attendee when the join link is shared and joined during the webinar has been fixed. Now both the attendees are allowed to join the webinar.

Web App

  • Proper message is shown in the registration page when someone tries to register for a canceled webinar. Restriction has been added when trying to register for a canceled webinar.
  • Registrants will get an email notification when a webinar is rescheduled or updated.
  • Automated thank you email for the webinar attendee will be sent when the session is ended after the scheduled time of the webinar.
  • Presenter will now receive an email notification when someone registers for their webinar. If you prefer to disable this feature, please write to support@zohomeeting.com
  • Presenter will receive an email notification once the webinar analytics is ready to view. This happens only when the webinar is ended after the scheduled time of the webinar.
  • The meeting scheduled email notification is sent to both the person who schedules and the one who has been assigned as the presenter while scheduling the meeting.
  • All the meeting and webinar notification emails are redesigned for better view and clarity on the email message.
  • The issue of predefined field in custom registration getting closed for each selection in Safari browser of Mac computer has been fixed. Now you can choose more than one field at a time.
  • The special characters included in company name is now getting reflected in the meeting and webinar mailers.
  • The issue of Google calendar integration not working for EU data center has been fixed.
  • The issue of showing event expired in the invitation email for specific day light saving timezone has been fixed.
  • The issue of unable to access the recording links from EU data center has been fixed.
  • Meeting join form will be shown directly when accessing the join page from the mobile devices.
  • The issue of unable to host or join sessions from the latest version of macOS has been fixed. Running meeting and webinar from macOS Mojave is smooth now.
  • The issue of sending the meeting/webinar cancelation email to the participants when deleting the past meeting has been fixed.
  • The issue of updated conference details not sent in the meeting updated invitation email while editing the 'Your own conference' details of the meeting has been fixed.
  • Now the scheduled meetings and webinars will be available in upcoming meeting/webinar lists until the scheduled session end time. Those will be moved to the past meeting/webinar lists once the end time gets expired.
  • The issue of setting the default session duration as one hour in the calendar, while event added using the Zoho/Google calendar integration, in spite of scheduling for a different time duration has been fixed.
  • The issue of showing a horizontal scroll with smaller meeting topic and a lengthy agenda in Firefox version 60 has been fixed.
  • Proper error message is handled while trying to upload any supported image file format as company logo in the Manage Organization.
  • The Enter button is well handled in the custom registration field with a short answer. For the first Enter character the focus is set to the Register Now button and the consecutive Enter button click registers for the webinar.
  • The error messages are well handled in the registration page with custom fields.
  • The issue of not showing multiple answers in the Analytical Report that are provided during the webinar Q&A.
  • We have extended the live chat functionality to our start/join page for WebRTC unsupported browsers. You can get instant technical help from our support representative if you are facing issues in getting connected to the meeting.
  • The issue of unable to schedule a meeting while pasting the multiple participants listed with bullet points has been fixed.
  • Now the upcoming meetings/webinars will be migrated and be avaibale when an existing user is invited and added to a new Zoho Meeting organization account.
  • The issue of the calendar event added using the Zoho calendar integration, not getting updated or deleted when the meeting/webinar is updated/deleted in the Zoho Meeting portal has been fixed. 
  • The issue of showing wrong time for the meeting event while adding to the calendar has been fixed.
  • The issue of showing wrong time zone in the calendar while updating a meeting or webinar event has been fixed. Now the calendar event shows the correct timezone in which the session is scheduled/updated with.
  • The issue of calendar event not getting updated when scheduled from Zoho Calendar and updated/rescheduled from Zoho Meeting portal has been fixed.
  • Missing invitation email
  • The issue of unable to join the meeting scheduled from IN data center using the join link directly has been fixed.
  • Now you can upload your company logo with transparent background.
  • Now the meeting presenter can view all the invitees from their Google and Zoho calendar events. This works for those who have enabled their Google/Zoho calendar setting.
  • The issue of meeting invitation or webinar confirmation email landing in the junk box of the recipient's mail client has been fixed now.
  • The issue of unable to add org members is fixed now.
  • Now the ICS attachment is sent along with the meeting update invitation email. The issue of calendar event not getting updated from the calendar event sent along with the meeting updated notification email is fixed.
  • Meeting key is now auto filled in android devices when trying to join a meeting by clicking on the join link.
  • The issue of showing only the minutes and missing out the hours of the recording duration in My Recordings page is fixed now.