Webinar Registration and Moderation

Webinars are a great way to influence and educate your audience. With Zoho Meeting, you can get the information you need from your audience using custom registration forms. You can also control who attends your webinar through attendee moderation.

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Custom registration forms

Customizable registration forms help you gather necessary information from your attendees, so you can better understand their needs and offer solutions. Learn more.

Add fields

Zoho Meeting gives you many useful predefined fields that you can easily drag and drop into your registration form. You can also create new fields if you want to get more data from your audience.

Ask questions

Add descriptive short-answer questions and multiple-choice questions to your registration form to learn more about your audience.

Create mandatory fields

Mark a field as mandatory to ensure all attendees provide the data required for that field without skipping it.

Attendee Moderation

With Zoho Meeting, you define the right target audience for your webinar based on the data in the registration form. Accept, deny, or cancel registrations before your webinar starts. Learn more.

Zoho Meeting

View registration list

View details of all registrants before they receive the link to join your webinar.

Approve or deny registration

Accept registrations to let registrants attend your webinar. Denying someone's registration will prevent them from receiving the link to join your webinar.

Cancel registration

If you want to keep your audience small and your attendee count has exceeded your target, you can easily cancel registrations.

Add co-organizers and customize emails


Add co-organizers

Co-organizers can perform most of the actions that the webinar organizer does. Add co-organizers to share the workload of preparing and hosting webinars.


Embed webinar links

Embed registration links on your webpage so people who visit your page will be able to learn about your webinar and register for it. Learn more.


Customize emails

Customize the content of your webinar emails, and enable or disable the optional emails sent to attendees.


Bring attendees to your page

Direct your attendees to your web page or a survey URL after your webinar. Enable post-webinar redirection and enter the link of your choice.

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