Manage Meetings with Viewing Options

Whatever it may be, your product demo, sales presentation, marketing meeting, team meeting, or online training, now customize your meeting for Prospect audience and collaborate in a better way. Zoho Meeting gives you option to manage your Participants for different meetings. Sometime when giving a demo to remote customers, you will be providing online presentation to them. In such cases, your customers will be viewing your desktop alone. You can customize this meeting before you schedule with the 'View Only' setting option. Participants can also opt for this while joining the meeting.

On the other hand, when you go for a team meeting or shared presentation to your prospects, you may need to switch the desktop sharing on the fly of meeting, rather than just sharing your PC alone. In such kind of meetings, you can opt for the 'View and Present' mode of settings. Participants can opt for 'View and Present' mode while joining the meeting, so that they can also share their desktop during meeting.

View Only Meeting

When you customize your online meeting with 'View Only' setting, all the Participants will be joining the meeting faster with the browser based HTML / Flash viewer. In this meeting the Participants will be viewing your desktop alone.

View and Present Meeting

Customizing your online meeting with 'View and Present' setting, will ease you to choose any Participant to change presenter on the fly of meeting. All Participants will be joining meeting with the customized viewer ( Java / ActiveX Viewer ), so that they can share their desktop in between meeting.