Meet from your personalized domain

Meet with your customers and business stakeholders from a domain showing your brand name. Create custom domains with the names of your choice and reflect your branding in meeting links.

Customize your domain in three easy steps:

Add the domain name of your choice


Map your name in DNS


Enable your new domain

View step-by-step instructions to customize domain
Embed meeting
Embed meeting links

Customize your domain and share your meeting links. Embed your meeting links as widgets on web pages. These widgets will display your brand name and logo when someone wants to join your meeting.

Zoho Meeting Zoho Meeting
Organization-level branding

Ensure all your emails contain your brand name and logo. Use organization branding to add your brand name and logo on emails, registration forms, and pages. Make sure your audience recognizes your brand wherever they find it.

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Customize webinar emails

Emails are an integral part of communicating with your audience about meetings and webinars, and are a great platform to reinforce your branding. Customize emails for each webinar you schedule. You can even set the time for sending emails and also enable or disable specific automated emails.

Fields Zoho Meeting Zoho Meeting  
Customize registration forms

Add custom fields and questions to your webinar registration form. Gather information about your webinar audience to better understand their needs. You can also moderate your webinar registration.

Organization Security and Privacy

User management

Add users to your organization and assign them role-based access. Easily delete users when they are no longer part of your organization.

Action log viewer

Keep track of actions carried out in your organization and use activity logs for auditing and administration purposes. Generate logs for a specified time and range by applying filter parameters such as users, access level, and categories.

Right to Erasure

Configure privacy settings to manage the data collected and stored in Zoho Meeting. You can choose to remove all data relating to a given user including their name, email address, action logs, and usage reports saved within your organization using privacy settings.


Manage your organization securely with Zoho Meeting