Scaling success: Zoho Meeting drives McDonald's franchise recruitment with a 150% productivity surge

The Company

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada is a subsidiary of the renowned global fast-food chain's American parent company. As one of the largest food service providers in Canada, McDonald's and its independent franchisees operate more than 1,400 restaurants and employ 90,000 people in Canada.

Christine Hofmann, Franchising Recruiter for McDonald's Canada, spearheaded efforts to find more effective methods to educate and engage entrepreneurs and professionals interested to learn more about McDonald's franchise opportunities.

The Challenge

Christine's role involved handling numerous one-on-one calls with potential franchisees—approximately 40 phone calls per week. This intensive, time-consuming process limited the capacity for proactive outreach, prompting a search for a more scalable approach.

The Solution: Zoho Meeting

Recognizing the need for a more efficient means of outreach, McDonald's Canada turned to Zoho Meeting's webinar feature as a solution. Introduced by their vendor, Cadence Franchising, Zoho Meeting offered a platform for the recruiter to conduct informative sessions for multiple participants simultaneously. This shift allowed her to transition from one-on-one interactions to impactful one-to-many engagements.

"Zoho Webinar is a game changer! In my role as Franchising Recruiter, I found myself constantly fielding repetitive questions on phone calls. Zoho Webinar allowed me to condense these inquiries into a single, efficient session. It's the perfect tool for a one-to-many approach, saving me valuable time and effort."

Christine Hoffmann
Christine HofmannFranchising Recruiter, McDonald's
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Benefits and ROI

Implementing Zoho Meeting transformed the recruitment process:

Enhanced presentations:

The platform empowered Christine to present detailed information about franchise opportunities, financial aspects, and requirements in a structured manner through presentations and interactive polls.

Increased efficiency:

By conducting weekly 30-minute webinars, Christine efficiently engaged with a broader audience, accommodating registrations ranging from 40 to 100 individuals. This optimized use of time allowed her to connect with a larger pool of potential franchisees.

Improved productivity:

The transition from individual sessions to webinars substantially reduced the time spent on recruitment activities. Christine estimated a staggering 18-hour weekly time savings, enabling her to focus on other crucial aspects of her role.

More effective recruitment:

The scalability of webinars significantly improved the company's outreach efforts, resulting in a streamlined recruitment process. Moreover, the interactive features, including polls and Q&A sessions, enhanced participant engagement and ensured clear communication.

McDonald's Canada's adoption of webinars in Zoho Meeting revolutionized its franchising recruitment process. The platform's scalability, interactive features, and efficiency played a pivotal role in transforming the one-on-one engagement model into informative one-to-many sessions. This transition resulted in significant time saved and increased outreach, leading to a more streamlined and effective recruitment process.

By leveraging Zoho Meeting, Christine not only optimized her own use of time but also elevated McDonald's franchise recruitment strategy, ultimately contributing to the company's successful growth in the country.

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