Zoho Meeting API Documentation

Get User Details

In Zoho Meeting, your business is termed as an organization. A zsoid key has to be used for all other APIs.

Request Example

Copied$ curl -X GET 'https://meeting.zoho.com/api/v2/user.json' \
     -H Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 6e80ed905055deb9fd2d12d71f518a80

Response Example

CopiedHTTP/1.1 200 OK
    "userDetails": {
        "redirectionServer": "meeting.zoho.com",
        "isTrialUser": false,
        "isPrivilegedUser": false,
        "displayName": "naveenkumar.ds",
        "isCRMMeetingUser": true,
        "edition": "L",
        "isAdmin": true,
        "isfreeUser": true,
        "isTollfreeUser": false,
        "zuid": 53758790,
        "isPaidUser": false,
        "isMeetingPaidUser": false,
        "userCount": 0,
        "portalName": "2696000000027001",
        "participantCount": 2,
        "daysLeft": -1,
        "isWebinarPaidUser": false,
        "zsoid": 53758574,
        "primaryEmail": "naveenkumar.ds@zohocorp.com",
        "isRecordingAddonUser": false