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Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform and webinar solution. As the world embraces remote work, security and privacy of online apps, especially online meeting software, are becoming topics of concern. Zoho Meeting follows protocols to protect your information online through encryption and compliance to internationally accepted security and privacy standards.

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Security improvements, integrations, video conferencing, and other features released in 2020. Read more.


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How Zoho Meeting keeps you secure online

Zoho Meeting is committed to protecting your privacy and your data while you conduct online meetings using audio, video, and screen sharing. Zoho Meeting offers multiple security features to keep your meetings safe from disruption, such as the Lock Meetings function, organization-level video settings, and Entry/Exit notifications. Zoho Meeting also encrypts audio, video, and screen sharing to keep your information safe as it travels through the internet.

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Online Meeting Platform

Conduct online meetings from anywhere with real-time audio, video, remote control, and screen sharing.

  •  Secure online meetings

    Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting platform that puts your privacy first. The Lock Meeting feature lets you conduct private meetings online and control the entry of participants. Even if someone has the joining link to your meeting, they will not be able to enter your meeting without the host's permission. This protects your online meetings from unexpected intruders like hackers and abusers.

  •  Moderator controls

    Host secure web conferencing sessions by locking your meetings. Additionally, use moderator controls to steer the course of your meetings. Mute selected individuals or all participants to cancel noise. Enable sound notifications for entry and exit of participants in a meeting. Remove intruders if they enter your meeting, or remove participants when they no longer need to be a part of your discussion.

  •  Record, replay, share, and download

    Record your meetings and store them on the cloud. Replay and share recordings with members who could not make it to your meeting, or download the recording for offline use. Only the meeting host can record a meeting and get access to the recording after the meeting. The host can also decide not to share the recording link with others if there are privacy concerns.

  •  Online meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing

    Zoho Meeting provides secure audio, video, and screen sharing, which are the fundamental features of any online meeting software. Convey ideas better and build trust through video conferencing. Add context to your discussions by sharing documents and presentations through screen sharing. To protect your privacy, Zoho Meeting always requests your consent before sharing your video and audio during online meetings.

  •  Chat and remote access

    Meeting's remote access feature makes it easy for participants to collaborate in real-time on a shared screen. It can also be used by IT personnel to troubleshoot technical issues. As a security measure, Zoho Meeting enables remote access only with the permission of the person who shares the screen. Participants can also use the chat option in the live meeting window to send messages to everyone in the meeting.

  •  Send emails, get RSVPs, and embed meeting links

    Easily send email invitations with all the information attendees need—topic, agenda, date, time, joining link, access code, and dial-in numbers—for your online meeting. Embed meeting links on your organization's website to let members join ongoing meetings. Set up reminders and get RSVP responses from invited participants.

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Webinar Solution

Influence, train, and engage your online audiences.

  •  Organize and promote webinars

    Schedule webinars and promote them on your website, community, or blog. Personalize your registration forms and emails by adding your company logo. Learn more about your attendees by adding custom fields to your registration forms.

  •  Present with audio, video, and screen sharing

    Host live video webinars and share your screen, an application window, or another monitor's screen to support your presentation. Use your computer's microphone and speakers for audio, or dial one of our local or toll-free numbers to connect through your phone. To protect your privacy, our webinar solution also lets you host webinars with your video on or off.

  •  Record, replay, reuse

    Extend the life of your webinar by recording and sharing it with anyone you want. Store your recordings on the cloud or download them for offline use, and replay them whenever you want. You can also share webinar recordings with people who could not attend your webinar.

  •  Add co-organizers and moderate your audience

    Our webinar solution lets you add your colleagues or guest speakers as co-organizers so they can present with you, answer attendee questions, and launch polls. If you want to protect your webinars from spammers or abusers, you can moderate the people who register for your webinar. Accept, deny, or cancel registrations to filter your audience and prevent spam.

  •  Engage your audience

    Launch audience polls during your webinar and view results instantly. Answer questions through Q&A or let attendees use the Raise Hand feature to get your attention. Encourage your attendees to speak and present in your webinar with Allow to talk and Make presenter.

  •  View webinar data and download reports

    Zoho Meeting gives you comprehensive reports on webinar registrations, attendees, engagement, polls, and Q&As. Download and document your data in XLS and CSV formats.

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"We now have several weekly team meetings that allow everyone to be in sync with each other. And for our customers we have created a series of live webinars and group meetings where they can speak directly with our team and learn about raising solitary bees."

Karl AlexanderMarketing Director, Crown Bees

"Very useful meeting tools, as we use for Zoho for our CRM and accounts, it was an easy choice to use Zoho Meeting as well. Very good for remote demo's."

Tolik RozensteinsBusiness Development Manager, Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd

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Join meetings and webinars from your mobile devices using the Zoho Meeting iOS and Android apps. Sign into our mobile app to schedule, view, and start meetings and collaborate with video. Learn more.

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