What's New - Zoho Marketplace




Moderation of ratings and reviews

Once a user submits a review for an extension, the review undergoes two checks. First, it’s scrutinized for relevance and the use of profanity, and then it’s verified to ensure that it was posted by a legitimate user. If approved, the review will be published on Zoho Marketplace.


Version control

A user can now view a timeline of updates for an extension, including newly added features, enhancements, and fixes.



Assessing the depth of integration

Users have the option to filter and pick extensions depending on the depth of the integration they require. Native integrations are built on Sigma and PhoneBridge, while extensions built via APIs are not.


Page view analytics for partners

In the partner console, partners can find page view reports for their Marketplace extension.


Support of other languages

Zoho Marketplace's website content is now available in French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.


Data localization

Marketplace supports end-to-end data localization for China and Japan.


Feedback at the time of uninstallation

To improve the quality of extensions available on Marketplace, an email requesting feedback is sent when the user uninstalls an extension.



Search enhancement

Search results are now arranged in descending order, according to the ratings of the extensions.



Option for partners to edit their Marketplace listing

From the partner console, partners can now edit the details of an extension, and screenshots can be added or removed.


Option to request for an extension

Users have been provided with an option to request an extension when they can't find what they’re looking for. A user can fill out details, such as what integration they'd like to see and which Zoho product it should work with.



New Partner Console

  • Here is the place dedicated for partners and third-party developers where they can showcase their extensions worldwide.
  • Multiple developers can be added by the SuperAdmin, who would have a hold on the rights and access provided to the developers.
  • Partner details can easily be accessed from the "Company Profile" tab.


User Preference Settings

In the wake of our new privacy policy, we provide our users with privacy settings that they can choose according to their needs.


Dedicated Vendor Page

This page is exclusively for the vendors to showcase the apps they have contributed to the marketplace.


New UI

The Zoho Marketplace gets a vibrant look with better navigational and functional abilities.




New extensions and updates

  • Introducing the LinkedIn sales navigator integration with Zoho CRM.
  • Reach out to customers using the JustCall and SMS Global extensions
  • Custom applications to maintain and manage appointments.


New extensions and updates

  • Integrations for Zoho Connect are now a part of Zoho Marketplace.​
  • Drive transactions, encourage loyalty and improve communications using the AppSmart extension for Zoho CRM.​
  • Create fully automated quotes using the Socket extension for Zoho CRM.​
  • Supercharge field sales efforts with Map My customers.


New extensions and updates

  • Keep track of your sales leads, support tickets and other activities using time measurements with the Lead Queue extension.
  • Create, send, and track your business documents, and collect e-signatures, in your CRM environment with the PandaDoc extension.
  • Use the Field Service Solution extension to automatically import your customer database without data entry errors.​
  • Get Zoho CRM customer records in your shared Front inbox with the Front  integration.


New extensions and Updates

  • Integrations for Zoho Mail are now a part of the Marketplace.
  • Reach out to customers via text messages, voice messages and IVRS configuration using the Nexmo extension for Zoho CRM.


Improvements and Updates

  • The number of extensions in the Marketplace reach 100. Users can now choose from this plethora of extensions and enhance their working experience.
  • Zoho Marketplace gets a new look with better navigational and operational capabilities.
  • Look out for interesting extensions



Zoho Marketplace released as a part of Zoho CRM 2016 release

  • Zoho users can now install and use extensions to expand the capabilities of their Zoho app.
  • Key extensions include MailChimp, Docusign, Dropbox, Box, Adobe E-Sign, Zendesk, Eventbrite, etc.
  • Custom applications for your businesses and integrations for Zoho SalesIQ and Reports are also available in the Marketplace.