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Bridge the gap between your marketing and sales teams: MailChimp for Zoho CRM

Salespeople require input from all possible sources before heading into a potential negotiation. Chief among this input is marketing information. MailChimp for Zoho CRM gives you access to information from the most prominent source of online marketing - email campaigns - right within your Zoho CRM.


MilesCustomer Success Manager

Explore, Extend and Enhance - An introduction to Zoho Marketplace

Everybody wants to do more with their business app, right? We understand this and provide to you Zoho Marketplace. Expand the capabilities of your Zoho app using the plethora of extensions we have in the Marketplace and do more to your business. Watch this webinar to get started.


Sudarshan Ram SProduct Marketing

Integrate Zoho CRM with other third party applications using PieSync.

Find out how integrating Zoho CRM with contact management, accounting & marketing automation systems can enhance your teams’ ability to qualify, segment and cultivate relationships that drive business results.

Sudarshan Ram.SProduct Marketing