What is Exotel?

Exotel is a leading full-stack customer engagement platform that enables businesses to manage their phone calls and SMS messages in the cloud. It offers an omnichannel contact center, advanced features like call routing, interactive voice response, and analytics to improve customer service and increase productivity. With Exotel, businesses can handle customer interactions through various channels and gain insights to improve customer engagement strategies.

Why should you integrate Exotel with Zoho?

Increase agent productivity

Reduce platform switching

Track customer conversations

Converse with more customers within a single dashboard

Gain more insights and context

How to get the most out of Zoho with Exotel

Zoho CRM
Zoho Desk
Zoho Recruit

Exotel with Zoho CRM

  • Trigger calls right from Zoho CRM with a single click.
  • Call recordings are automatically added to tickets.
  • Create a new task, event, or call as a follow up after every incoming call.
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Exotel with Zoho Desk

  • Get Zoho notifications for any incoming call on your customer-facing Exotel number.
  • Create and update any ticket and associate the calls, too.
  • Call your customers directly from Zoho Desk.
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Exotel with Zoho Recruit

  • Make calls with a single click from within Zoho Recruit.
  • Notify agents regarding any missed calls, and allow them to set reminders for outbound calls.
  • Have a more meaningful conversation with a candidate with the details in front of you.
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Exotel with Bigin

  • Make and receive calls directly from Bigin using the click-to-call feature.
  • Receive notifications of incoming calls and access call recordings after the call is completed.
  • View contextual data associated to the calls with leads and contacts.
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Take advantage of the seamless integration between Exotel and Zoho and start working smarter today.

Integrate Exotel with Zoho