How ZeroBounce was able to leverage the Zoho ecosystem through Marketplace

The Company

ZeroBounce is an email validation company that ensures that the email IDs stored in CRM are legitimate.

"We value Zoho’s way of doing business and the company’s focus on customers and partners. Also, the platform’s variety of tools and features pair so well with what we offer."

— Liviu Tanase, CEO, ZeroBounce

The Challenge

To help avoid email bounces, complaints, and spam caused by fraudulent email addresses, businesses need an email validator tool like ZeroBounce, especially since a lot of businesses have moved online since the start of the pandemic. Zoho CRM users, especially sales teams, needed an integration with a tool like this so they do not lose valuable time and effort in reaching out to invalid or expired email addresses.

The Solution

To help businesses reduce their email bounce rate and improve performance, EasyToCheck Software Solutions, a Zoho Marketplace partner, coordinated with ZeroBounce to develop an integration with Zoho CRM and make it available to all Zoho users by listing it on Zoho Marketplace. The ZeroBounce integration with Zoho CRM filters all email addresses stored in your Zoho CRM and makes sure your emails are sent only to existing and valid email addresses. Because of this, confusion and worry about bounce rates are significantly reduced.

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Extension planning and development

The ZeroBounce integration for Zoho CRM was built by EasyToCheck, a Zoho premium partner and Zoho CRM-certified consultant. Development started by studying ZeroBounce's API, and more features were added with input from ZeroBounce and the Zoho Marketplace team.

Here are some of the ways Zoho Marketplace supported the ZeroBounce extension development:

  • The ZeroBounce extension for Zoho CRM was developed with user pain points, such as seamless email validation, in mind. We give a free Zoho One license to our partners to try out products that they want to build integrations for.
  • Zoho's in-house extension development tool, Sigma, was used to build the integration. Using Sigma, developers can build both native extensions as well third-party extensions, such as ZeroBounce. With thorough documentation support, the ZeroBounce extension took shape with the help of Sigma.
  • Marketplace offered hands-on development and technical support to Amit Kumar and his team from EasyToCheck for a smooth approval and deployment process, which usually takes up to four weeks.

"During the review, UI fields, APIs, and privacy were taken care of. Even though the review took a while, smooth and professional steps were taken by the Marketplace team, so I'm satisfied with the development."

— Amit Kumar, EasyToCheck Software Solutions

Listing on Zoho Marketplace and co-marketing

Zoho Marketplace is an online store that allows independent software vendors, system integrators, and developers to build and list extensions for Zoho users. Through the Marketplace, Zoho customers can browse and install extensions based on their needs. Upon review of the extension by the Marketplace approval team, partners can opt for co-marketing content-based activities to increase visibility and adoption of their integration. Zoho provides all documentation and guidance for creating content, allowing partners to get creative and educate their audience to help promote the integration.

Here are some articles that came out from Zoho's co-marketing efforts with ZeroBounce.

Partnership experience

"Zoho’s team was instrumental in nurturing our relationship. It’s so inspiring to work with people who share the same mindset, values and constant desire to be better."

— Corina Leslie, ZeroBounce

"The partnership has been awesome, going on more than seven years, covering support, software services, and features. Thus we developed a good belief in the vision of Zoho."

— Amit Kumar, EasyToCheck Software Solutions

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