The why and how of the Mapsly and Zoho CRM integration

The company

Mapsly is a customizable location intelligence platform that connects to CRMs or other IT systems to add geolocation features like customizable maps, optimized routing, visual territory management, and more. Mapsly integrates with Zoho CRM so users can use their CRM data to draw territories and automatically assign new leads to these territories. Subsequently, these leads can be assigned to the sales people handling these territories.

We spoke to Sergey Shurygin, the founder of Mapsly, to hear about his experience integrating with Zoho CRM and listing on Zoho Marketplace.

The challenge

Sergey is a Zoho certified developer and found that many Zoho customers wanted to view their contacts and accounts on a map so they could use geolocation to plan their routes efficiently. This need is what made Mapsly tightly integrate their app with Zoho CRM, resulting in one of their biggest partnerships in terms of the share of customers.

Mapsly's experience with Zoho Marketplace

Sergey found that working with the Zoho Marketplace team was particularly pleasant as they were very quick to respond and offer solutions for any issues.

"Our experience with Zoho when building the app and then post-listing, was one of the best things. The responsiveness of the Zoho Marketplace team was fast and issues were resolved very, very quickly."

"Working with the partnership team was smooth. They're very friendly and responsive; it's what a partnership should look like."

— Sergey Shurygin, Founder, Mapsly


According to Shurygin, one-third to maybe 40% of their revenue comes from Zoho customers. The Mapsly and Zoho CRM integration has about a thousand users.

Pointers for partners looking to list on marketplace

Sergey suggests following an iterative approach because it's hard to predict what customers might want.

"I would encourage partners to publish as early as possible. Then iterate and iterate, so the product becomes better and better. In this way, customers could provide crucial feedback that would allow partners to focus on the most important features as opposed to trying to make unsubstantiated assumptions about what customers would want and lose time."

— Sergey Shurygin, Founder, Mapsly