How the perfect lead management integration with Zoho added value to Leadinfo

The company

Leadinfo helps businesses identify their website visitors to generate good leads and personalize their websites.

The challenge

Leadinfo aimed to make lead management as easy as possible for sales teams using their application.

Initially, businesses were manually entering the information from the leads generated from Leadinfo and storing the data in Zoho CRM. This often resulted in leads, with the potential to become customers, being missed. Manually storing these leads could also cause a big delay in lead follow up. Thus, a solution that could automate data transfer and lead management was required.

The solution

Customers requested an integration between Zoho CRM and Leadinfo. They wanted to automatically update Zoho CRM with the leads generated in Leadinfo to save time. We spoke to Quirijn Kleppe, chief of staff, at Leadinfo, to understand more about what happened behind the scenes when building this integration.

“With this integration, information about a lead could be directly sent from Leadinfo to Zoho CRM, with a press of a button,” explains Kleppe. Customers would also be automatically notified whenever a lead visits their website, allowing them to identify interested leads.

"We have hundreds of customers using the integration. The integration helps them close more deals, establish an effective sales model, and avoid missing any leads."

— Quirijn Kleppe, Chief of Staff, Leadinfo

Benefits and ROI: Leadinfo's experience listing on Marketplace

The entire process of signing up on Marketplace and listing the application was easy for Leadinfo.

"We had a very nice experience with Zoho Marketplace because it’s one of the few marketplaces where we could do most of it ourselves—easily create an app, fill out the information, and upload relevant pictures. We could save [the application], and later publish it. Once it was reviewed by Marketplace, the application would be live."

— Quirijn Kleppe, Chief of Staff, Leadinfo

Leadinfo gained most of the leads to their website through Marketplace after listing the application.

Interacting with the partnership team

As with their experience listing on Marketplace, Leadinfo found interacting with the partnership team effortless. They reported that communication was great as they could easily connect via emails and phone calls, and responses were relatively quick. Kleppe was impressed with the team's professionalism and helpfulness, and how the team looks for various opportunities to share the integration.


As part of the marketing strategies, Leadinfo was featured on Marketplace’s homepage as a featured app. Through marketing activities, such as blogging, Marketplace provided an additional integration benefit: strong customer engagement and visibility leading to more website traffic.

Summing it up

“Creating the perfect lead management integration with Zoho has added value to Leadinfo,” says Kleppe. "Customers choose Leadinfo primarily because of their integration with Zoho CRM.“

Kleppe also shared a key pointer for partners looking to list an integration on Zoho Marketplace: Pay attention to what goes onto the listing page as that is what drives traffic. The listing page must explain the integration and highlight the benefits of using it.

He closed the conversation urging partners to get started with Marketplace so they won't miss out on leads from the Zoho community.