The tale of Commercient: How integrating multiple ERP systems with Zoho CRM over the years resulted in a long lasting relationship

Commercient makes ERP and CRM data integration simple and efficient. Over the course of five years, they've built 25+ extensions and listed them on Zoho Marketplace to integrate Zoho CRM with a number of ERP tools including SAP, QuickBooks, Sage, and others without coding. We spoke to Kimberly Costa, one of the sales managers at Commercient, about the company's experience with Zoho Marketplace so far.

What was Commercient's experience launching integrations on Marketplace?

Initially, Commercient had a bit of an adjustment period as they were learning the best way to title the app to fit search parameters so people would find the extension when they visited Marketplace. They also found the app approval process for the first few extensions a little difficult in terms of what needed to be included. Luckily, after some practice, the process became easier.

"We've now launched multiple integrations on the Marketplace and the process has become easy and smooth. We're very happy with our decision to list our apps in the Zoho Marketplace."

Commercient's experience interacting with the partnership team

Folks at Commercient have had a really great experience working with the Marketplace partnership team and are happy the team was quick to answer any queries they had.

"The partnership team is nothing short of amazing. The staff is polite and they are available for immediate support meetings, when needed. Knowing that we have their support behind us 24/7 is worth more than we can express.

We love the teamwork and love the partnership. Wonderful team, wonderful people, and, we appreciate all of your support."

The results

Commercient has 25+ extensions listed on Marketplace which collectively have an active user base of about 750 Zoho users every day. Since listing on Marketplace, Commercient's Zoho CRM leads have increased by 300%, and their customer base has grown by about 350%.

Commercient's pointers for other partners

1. Focus on a strong title for your extension. Your app is only good if someone finds it, and your title is what brings people to it. Spend time thinking about the keywords for your title and find a strong one that describes your app.

2. Use the resources you have available through Zoho.

3. Reach out to people at Zoho for help; everyone is easy to talk to.